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Product and Topic Expert

SAP S/4HANA 2023 Fully-Activated Appliance: Known Issues

This blog covers latest information and known issues for the SAP S/4HANA 2023 Fully-Activated Appliance, delivered via SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL).

The overview blog for the appliance can be found here.

The known issues for older appliance releases are here: 2022 / 2021 / 2020

If you would like to ask a support question, please do so in the SAP CAL Community.

Technical Topics

Initial system performance after instance creation or re-activate

When you create an instance or suspend / re-activate it, the system performance will be slower, especially within the Fiori Launchpad. Also, the first click on a Fiori tile will be significantly slower. This is due to initial caching in the system and will become faster if you continue working.

Other performance tuning tips are:

  • Choose the cloud provider location nearest to you (for good network latency)

  • Fiori rendering performance on the remote desktop is often slower than on your local laptop

  • The demo users contain a relatively large number of roles and Fiori tiles. You can copy these demo users in TCode SU01 and adapt accordingly e.g. remove roles, create your own roles / Fiori catalogs, or personalize the Fiori launchpad (see also the SAP Fiori Rapid Activation demo guide on the appliance demo page).

Note to SAP administrators: SGEN has been performed to pre-compile ABAP coding.

Faulty apps in the Fiori launchpad

Some of the predefined users (eg. S4H_PM_DEM) might see  faulty Fiori apps in their Fiori launchpad.

Resolution: For the user S4H_PM_DEM, switch to Fiori Spaces (Profile > Settings > Spaces & Pages > Tick "Use Spaces"). For other users, you might do the same or remove the apps via personalization (Profile > Edit Current Page).

Transport system (STMS) is not configured by default

Please check the SAP standard documentation how to configure the transport system in a new system.

Error in F4 value help when using your local SAP GUI installation

Symptom: You get a message “Internal error: Table Format, Cancel” when using the F4 value help in SAP GUI on your local PC.

Resolution: This happens if your local SAP Logon / GUI is outdated.
Please either upgrade to at least SAP GUI 7.60 PL11 (details in SAP Note 3098477 , the SAP GUI on the remote desktop of the 2022 appliances will work since it has a higher version).
Or if you want to keep your GUI version, use the setting proposed by Chetan Sharma here.

Issues with specific business scenarios

Service: Problems in single apps

If you open one of the Service apps in the appliance, it can happen that you get an information message: “The system determines a security problem, application has to be closed. Contact your system administrator.” For example, if you access the Search Service Orders app and click on Search before the page has built up completely, this can happen sporadically. In such cases, navigate back to the Home page and access the app again. Then in the app wait until all fields are fully visible before executing a function.

Service with Advanced Execution: Maintenance order, costs can not be determined

Issue: When trying to release a maintenance order, the costs cannot be determined. This is due to an expired price definition that is missing for 2024.

Solution: In SAP GUI, access transaction code KP26 (Change Activity Output/Prices) and maintain a price for year 2024 for cost center 17101701 and activity type 11, e.g.

Data Migration Cockpit

The demo scenarios for "direct transfer" are not available with the initial release of the SAP S/4HANA 2023 Fully-Activated Appliance.

Master Data Governance (MDG)

In the demo scenario for "MDG Cloud-Ready Mode (Request new customer by looking up reference data using a data provider (CDQ)", you receive a communication error when looking up reference data.

Root cause: This is due to a missing certificate for the communication between S/4HANA and the data provider CDQ.


  1. Visit (you can ignore the error message on the site) and export the root certificate of the site in BASE64 format to your local PC (the export process is browser-specific eg. in Chrome it's "Click on lock icon > Connection is secure > Certificate is valid > Details > Select the root certificate > Export")

  2. Upload the certificate file to S/4HANA (tCode STRUST > Change mode > Double Click on SSL Client SSL Client (Standard) > Import Certificate (left lower corner of the transaction work area) > Add to Certificate List > Save.