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SAP IT Experiences with Integrated End User Feedback

SAP Fiori in SAP Operations

At SAP we are working hard to incorporate the feedback of all our business users. (SAP internal link) provided by SAP IT Services offers a quick entry to the most important applications and services for SAP employees. In my recent SCN blog The Rising Power of End User Feedback I discussed the "Integrated End User Feedback" project and how SAP is enabling the SAP Fiori launchpad with an End User Feedback option. The End User Feedback is sent to the SAP HANA Cloud Feedback Service where the IT Service colleagues can download the feedback for their apps, then review and act upon it. An Analytical Dashboard to evaluate the End User Feedback is currently being developed.

A Personal Testimonial

Recently, I had to approve an invoice. Via a link I could reach the "Approve Invoice" app within our SAP Fiori launchpad. The app was much simpler and provided a better overview than the application I was used to using before. Being really happy with my approval experience, I used the "Give Feedback" button to express my appreciation to the SAP IT Service colleagues.

Meanwhile, driving "Integrated End User Feedback" in SAP development for a while and talking to customers and SAP IT Service folks, I learned that their job is mostly a hard one. Everybody expects software solutions to work smoothly and nicely. And if this is the case people normally take it for granted. If there's a disruption everybody complains. And praise seldom finds its way to those colleagues. But this has changed now, too :-).

Some Numbers

SAP IT Service colleagues gave me some numbers to share with you. In August 2015, the SAP operational Fiori launchpad had 173.871 visits and 39.984 visitors. With SAP having currently 75.000 employees worldwide this means that more than half of SAP's employees have already used the internal SAP Fiori launchpad. In August 2015, 58 feedbacks were received. This means 1 out of 700 visitors has given feedback in this month. The prominent "Unified Ticketing App" counted 13000 visits and 42 feedbacks.

Experience shows that opening up Integrated End User Feedback will not result in being flooded by feedbacks: if you are lucky 1 out of 100 users gives feedback and when you are unlucky only 1 out of 1000.

If I had to plan a campaign to gather project based End User Feedback I would do a rollout of the End User Feedback function to my targeted end users.

Some Examples - What kind of Feedback comes in?

Colleagues obviously understand quite well when to open an incident ticket and when to give feedback. So, the incidents we receive via "Give Feedback" are negligible. We get feedback on processes, questions, praise and critisism, suggestions and many feedbacks on User Interface, User Experience and navigation issues. - So, it's great to see that colleagues (and myself, too :-)) have a voice that is now heard.

What about opening up SAP End User Feedback in your Company?

SAP runs SAP and SAP's IT Service organization is one of our first "customers" to use Integrated End User Feedback. But we would also like to encourage you, our SAP customers, to open up Integrated End User Feedback for your SAP Fiori launchpad. As the "Customer Feedback Monitor" is a development project planned we would like to work with you directly to understand your requirements. If you open up the Integrated End User Feedback function now we provide you regularly with the feedback data for your own company. If interested, please get in touch with me via

If you're hesitant, you can start small, e. g. with a test system.

Experiences with SAP internal Integrated End User Feedback - Quotes from SAP IT Services

Julia Lakatos, Project Lead for the internal implementation of SAP's Fiori launchpad tells about her experiences with End User Feedback: "The End User Feedback is an essential part of an internal implementation. The HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Feedback Service is part of SAP's Fiori Cloud Edition. Therefore, the implementation of the feedback option was simple and fast. We are currently transforming into a user-centric IT, hence, feedback from our colleagues regarding usability is needed in order to provide an easy way to consume business software for SAP employees. As a consequence, we are not only improving the user experience for SAP employees but also for all SAP customers around the world."

Steffen Weber, App Owner for "SAP Sign Up", the new event registration list platform, says: "Receiving End User Feedback is crucial in order to improve the end user's experience and to align the tools to meet the user's needs. The capability to integrate "Give Feedback" into the SAP Fiori launchpad offers a very fast and smooth onboarding and furthermore a seamless user experience without any disruption. The HANA Cloud Feedback Service allows us very easily to collect, evaluate and react on feedback we receive from users in their daily work. Integrated End User Feedback helped us to improve our apps like "SAP Sign Up" in a way we wouldn't have been able to without it."

When the SAP Fiori launchpad was rolled out within SAP the "Unified Ticketing App" was mentioned most prominently. Manuel Janitzek, Project Lead for the "Unified Ticketing App", indicates that feedback especially from ingenuous end users (the "one-minute user") is extremely helpful. He points out that IT - even when involving key users - has its own perspective. Certain things are just self-evident for IT folks that are not for the ingenuous users who have their own and different perspectives.

Let me close this blog with the following summary ... Acting upon end user feedback on a daily basis is like becoming a gardener for continuous improvement. My wish is that we all become gardeners :-). - Thanks to Julia, Steffen and Manuel for your "Food for Thought".


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