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SAP Rocks Lesbians Who Tech 2017 4th Year in a Row

SAP BusinessObjects Analytics, Roambi, the SAP Digital Boardroom VR Experience, TripIt, and SAP Cloud Platform were front and center as SAP celebrated the diversity and inclusion that drives its leading innovations.

For the 4th year in a row, SAP proudly sponsored the Lesbians Who Tech Summit 2017 in San Francisco last week.

15 SAP colleagues engaged with 2,500 queer, lesbian and ally attendees in speaking sessions, recruitment, tech demos, blogging, interviewing and capturing inspiring moments of innovation and leadership in a queer, inclusive and badass space.

“The future will be won by those who understand the value and impact of diversity on your business and bottom line, and we look forward to continuing to lead our industry and the world on this critically important topic.”

— Jennifer Morgan, President of SAP North America


SAP’s inaugural signatory for the White House Tech Inclusion Pledge in 2016 is a commitment to fuel American innovation and economic growth by increasing the diversity of the United States technology workforce. Read more here.

Our team worked hard last week at Lesbians Who Tech to further SAP’s mission by showcasing our technology and engaging with movers and shakers of today at several campuses:

Watch the interviews here

Check out the SAP recap video!


Demos featured:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Roambi

  • SAP Digital Boardroom VR Experience

  • TripIt

  • SAP Cloud Platform

Check them out here:

Gerlinde Zibulski, Director of Security Product Management at SAP

Cybersecurity Session

Gerlinde Zibulski, Director of Security Product Management

Discusion on the State of Cybersecurity in 2017 at the Beaux Bar

Watch her interview here:

Recruiting Zone, TechUp Career Fair

Concur and SAP recruiting teams in the Recruiting Connection Zone at the historic Castro Theatre

Learn more about job opportunities with SAPiXp:

Billy-Lynne Ross (4girl1der) talks about the impact of #LWTSummit & importance of diversity & inclusion:

“We’re a company that believes in trust, love and the unqualified right of every person to be exactly who they are and live exactly how they choose.”

— Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP


Analytics in a Diverse World

As a Product Marketing Manager for Analytics and Business Intelligence at SAP, you can bet that a compelling story heightened by insightful data fuels a fire in me like no other.

In the digital economy of today, modern analytics is what we need to make impactful and informed decisions that hold significant influence on every aspect of our lives.

So when I, a proud lesbian, received the privilege to attend a conference that brings together 2500 lesbians, queer women + allies across all areas of technology (from cloud, data, machine learning, VR, AI to engineering) rooted in the topic of diversity, inclusion, and celebrates the idea that we all move forward if we are equal, the conviction I hold that our work makes the world run better grew exponentially.

It also made showcasing SAP BusinessObjects Roambi and the SAP Digital Boardroom VR Experience even more engaging:

Watch here

I even got my #DataGenius fix by attending sessions led by some of the world’s tech leaders and masterminds.

Top 5 Sessions that inspired me at this year’s #LWTSummit:

  1. Keynote Interview with 3rd CTO of America, Megan Smith
    A fascinating look into the job as CTO of the White House where Megan Smith tackled the question:

“How do you help the President and his team harness the power of data, innovation, and technology on behalf of the American people?”

Kara Swisher & Megan Smith. Watch here

2. “Apathy is Not An Option”
Leanne Pittsford, CEO and Founder of Lesbians Who Tech

Watch here

3. “How Airbnb Used Data Science to Create Belonging”
Connect with her @elenatej, Interim Data Science Lead, Airbnb

Connect with her @elenatej

4. People Analytics: Using a Data-Driven Approach to Help Companies Make Better People Decisions
Julie Zide, Ph.D., Vice President, Goldman Sachs

5. Welcome to Lesbians Who Tech 2017
Watch this to get a feel for the INCREDIBLE energy that weaved throughout the conference.

Watch here

“I want to live in a world where no one can lose their job because of their sexuality or gender identity.

I want to live in a world where transgender women of color are not being murdered.

We want to be that organization that supports you, gives you the tools, and connects you to the people that are going to help get sh*t done.”

Needless to say, I cannot wait to proudly represent SAP next year at Lesbians Who Tech 2018. See you then!

HUGE thanks to those who made this possible: @SAPsv, @SAPCP, @SAPAnalytics, @Concur, @TripIt, @JillianBabbel, @moyalynne, @Pedram_Farjad, @TinaatAriba, @4girl1der, @the_litle_lg, @alexbogdan2, and of course, @Sap.

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