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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

This article provides you the quick information related to your SAP Cloud Product on How to check Monitoring Service status dashboard for your respective Data center locations if there is any outages or disruption.

Cloud monitoring 24/7 is the practice of monitoring cloud-based systems and services continuously to ensure they are functioning properly and securely. This type of monitoring is essential to maintain the performance and security of cloud-based systems and services. It involves monitoring the availability, uptime, response time, usage trends, and configurations of cloud-based systems and services to ensure they are running as expected and to detect any problems that may arise. Additionally, cloud monitoring 24/7 also involves monitoring of cloud security, including the security status of system components, user accounts, and data access.

Monitoring is the process of tracking the performance or status of a system or process, typically by collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources. This helps to ensure that the system is running efficiently and any potential problems can be identified quickly. Monitoring can be used to track the usage and performance of a variety of different systems, such as networks, servers, applications, and databases. It can also be used to measure the performance of a business or organization, such as customer service, customer satisfaction, and sales.

For quick access to the dashboard, you can bookmark the site.

You can also contact us through email  SAP Cloud Availability Center

you can also subscribe to link to Cloud System Notification Subscriptions, that will remain in our subscription tool. Please check our Support page for more information.

Choose your Cloud product shown in the page and click on the product which you would like to see the Cloud Status if there is any disrpution.. 

Cloud Service Dashboard for SAP Integration Suite

Cloud Service Dashboard for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

The Public Status Dashboard is the first place to check when you discover an issue is affecting you. But it’s not the only way we communicate known or reported issues and provide support. Depending on your particular situation and needs, you might also want to use one of our other resources.

Below example shows when you receive notification email from SAP Cloud Alerts for the Product disrupted, its captured in Cloud Service status with date and time for respective Data center location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conditions of displaying disruption or degradation on the Cloud Service Status page of SAP Trust Center?

Downtimes related to regular maintenance and major upgrade activities are not reflected on SAP Trust Center. (See the SLA document.) A disruption or degradation is visible in the Cloud Service Status if its duration is greater than or equal to five minutes and if 5% or more of the productive systems in a data center are impacted. A detailed customer view including all downtimes and maintenance for customer-specific tenants is available in SAP for Me.

Checkout SAP for Me info :

How often is the displayed Cloud Service Status information updated?

The availability data on the Cloud Service Status page is updated every five minutes or less.


How are the services in the overview of the Cloud Service Status page structured?

SAP cloud services are displayed in alphabetical order and grouped by product portfolio. Use the search functionality to find your specific cloud services or filter results by product portfolio group.


Few other Products you can find the Cloud status Dashboard