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As usually, also SP22 comes with a new feature for the SAP Process Integration Test tool.

Scheduled Data Extraction

Until now, if you wanted to extract new test data for a test case, there was only the possibility to extract test data immediately. But in some situations, you require more flexibility. Let’s assume following scenario - you know that new messages for one particular service interface will arrive between 20:00 and 22:00 on Saturday. Your system is configured with retention time of 1 day. Afterwards the successfully processed messages are deleted. That means, if you login to your PIT system on Monday morning you will not find any message for this service interface anymore. However, you need those messages for your PIT test. Your only chance to extract the messages was - logging on to the system on Sunday and trigger the extraction of a new test data set.

The new scheduled data extraction feature gives you now the possibility to schedule the extraction at a different point in time in future.

Start the Add Dataset wizard as known from the past. The Define Message Filter page of the wizard has a new option where you can select, whether you want to extract test data immediately (this is the default selection and is the well-known behavior) or whether the extraction shall be scheduled at the specified time.

Define time, when extraction should start

The defined time range can lie in the past or in the future. But the time when the extraction is started must be of course in the future.

Once you press Finish button, a scheduled task of type Extraction is created and becomes visible in the Scheduled Tasks view. At the specified time, the scheduled task will be executed by the NWA scheduler and will create a job (visible in the Job Browser), which actually extracts the data in background.

Scheduled task of type Extraction

The Test Data tab in the Test Case editor shows the test data set with the state “Scheduled” until the extraction job has finished. A scheduled test data set can’t be used in a run configuration until the extraction is done (as it contains no message until then).

Test dataset having status Scheduled

Keep in mind that it is still required, that message logging is activated for the underlying scenario (see also SAP Help for details), otherwise messages can’t be extracted by PIT.

Heads up: Deprecation of test execution using Launch Configuration

At the beginning of PIT the only option to execute a test in PIT was via client-based, build-in Eclipse Launch Configuration. In the meantime, this option is obsolete as testing using PIT entity Run Configuration is much more convenient and powerful.

Therefore, we decided to deprecate the old way to execute tests. For the moment you still can execute those tests, but it is strongly recommended to migrate them to run configurations soon. We reserve us the right to remove deprecated functionality in one of the upcoming SPs without further notice.

Launch Configuration is deprecated starting SP 22



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