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15.05.2023 Update: New timeline

25.11.2022 Update: New timeline

Google published last year their plans to publish Manifest V3 to replace the Manifest V2 to enhance the security of web applications and the Chrome browser.

Google will finally deactivate the Manifest V2 end of 2022, so starting on January 1st, 2023 you need to be ready to use it.

Why is this important for you?

Desktop Agent comes with a browser extension. The extension is used for executing web automation it is also a bridge between the Cloud Studio and the Agent while designing, debugging or recording even non-web content. This extension needs to follow some patterns and declaration known as “manifest”.

For enabling trusted browsing experience, Google has decided to sunset the manifest v2 of browser extension to a new one called manifest v3. Almost all extension providers are impacted by this decision. All browsers based on Chromium (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge…) will follow this policy. Such policy will most likely be applied by other providers.

Some rework were needed to keep the core functions of our web connector. It is needed to install the latest version of the Agent. However, some advanced functions will not work due to the enhanced security decided by Google.

Timeline from Google

  • In January 2022 no new MV2 extensions (except private/hidden extensions)

  • In June 2022 no new private extensions allowed

  • In January 2023, all extensions based on Manifest V2 will cease to work, but enterprise policy can allow Manifest V2 extensions to run within an organization

  • In June 2023, ALL extensions based on Manifest V2, (including enterprise exceptions, if any) will likely cease to work

Please see Google's developer page for details.

What does this mean for you?

Google implements CSP (Content Security Policy) with the Manifest V3 for reducing potential attacks by applying strict rules. In our case, the policy drives how far a web page might be modified.

Here is an overview what is possible with CSP on/off:


The following SDK activities are impacted:

How to avoid any problems in production?

You need to install at least the Desktop Agent 2208 version on all your machines. This will give you an extension compatible with the Manifest V3.

The following table shows when which Manifest version is supported:

More details are available here.

Perform Tests before the deadline with the new Agent and the new Extension on existing projects.

Report problems (if any) to SAP.

Check SAP Note 3224093


Now you are informed how you can avoid any trouble with the Manifest update by Google.