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Do you want to jump-start automating your invoice approval process? Then our new sample content for SAP Process Automation might be exactly what you are looking for. But before I describe what this all about, let me share some context about the current challenges we see in the area of invoice processing.

Challenges - Invoice processing

When it comes to processing of invoices, we hear from our customers on a daily basis that current processes are often still manual and distributed across different people, tools and platforms. 

Since invoices are often received via PDFs or images, data typically needs to be extracted from those which is tedious work: a person needs to retrieve the data from the document and manually enter it into the target system. When it comes to processing many documents it becomes a huge challenge and requires a lot of time dedicated to this task. In addition, the manual matching is repetitive and error prone.

New sample content to accelerate process building and automation

Our mission at SAP Process Automation is to help our customers to simplify and accelerate process building and automation. That’s why we created a template for you that helps you to jump-start the automation of your invoice approval process including relevant forms, approvals and an automation that extracts information from an invoice document leveraging SAP AI Business Services.

This sample content will serve you as a foundation to get started. We kept it as lightweight as possible, so that it can be easily understood and adapted by everyone according to the individual process needs. 

How to get started

To get started, you can simply open the Store from your Lobby view and search for “Invoice Approval Process - Sample”. Clicking on more information, you will find relevant information about the content next to a business-user friendly user guide, a sample document and a link to the matching discovery mission.

Store: Invoice Approval Process - Sample

To add the content, you can simply click on “Create from Template” and assign a project name according to your needs.


Sample Content: More information

Once you have done that you get to your project overview from where you can open the process “Get Invoice Details” to start customizing this sample and make it your own. 


Project Overview: Process

This sample content includes four steps: A request form that triggers the invoice process, an automation extracting relevant information from the invoice, an approval form for approving the invoice processing request and a notification to the requester.

SAP Process Automation: Process Builder


Extend and modify this content

Since your own process will most likely look a little different and you might want to automate it even more, you can easily add elements like decisions, mail tasks, actions (eg. for posting the invoice) or define a different trigger.

For more information on how to extend this content, I suggest you to check out the user guide included in this sample content package.


Modification Options in Process

If you want to learn how to create this scenario from scratch, you can also check out our Discovery Mission

Have fun automating and making this sample your own and stay tuned for other great updates about SAP Process Automation!


For more information about SAP Process Automation, please refer to the following sources: