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The purpose of this blog series is to help people understand what SAP Process Automation is, its capabilities & features, how to subscribe for this service, how to automate a simple process and then adding on different components to the process in subsequent videos.

In this first blog I am explaining what SAP Process Automation is and how to get started with subscribing for this service. Everyone who prefer a video can watch it here.

What is SAP Process Automation?

SAP Process Automation is a simpler, faster way to enhance business efficiency and agility with confidence. It combines workflow management and robotic process automation with visual tools that require no coding expertise.

SAP Process Automation

Business benefit from built in artificial intelligence to recognize and extract information from invoices, purchase orders and other document types.

Building new processes starts with creating an automation, a form or a process workflow. User may also elect to use pre-built content.

Building New Process

It comes with a process editor which is an intuitive, no code and powerful visual tool - for defining, adapting and improving process workflows. Completing a workflow may involve adding conditional branches, automations, a subsequent workflow, or content from a library.

Process Editor

The form editor uses a simple drag and drop approach to incorporate text, numbering, date fields as well as drop down menus and checkboxes. With this approach, you can create UI forms in just a minute and trigger automation processes.

Form Editor


Subscribing to SAP Process Automation

SAP Process Automation is now available to try free of charge on SAP BTP free tier. You can follow this step by step guide to create a BTP free tier account and then activate SAP Process Automation in your free tier account.

Subscribe to SAP Process Automation Using Booster in SAP BTP Free Tier

Additionally you can also check out a blog post on How to activate the Free Tier by peter.engel



Now you have got an idea of what is SAP Process Automation is all about and you are now able to use the free tier service plan for SAP Process Automation. In the next part I am going to share the features and capabilities of SAP Process Automation.


For more information on SAP Process Automation, please refer to the following sources: