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Product and Topic Expert

Want to get certified as SAP BTP Extension Developer?

SAP PRESS just published the SAP Certification Success Guide.

In this article you will find an book review with some complementary personal insights.

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About the Book

Who wrote the book?

The authors of the guide are

  • Krishna Kishor Kammaje [ krishnakishor.kammaje2 | LinkedIn ]

  • Mahesh Kumar Palavalli [ maheshkumar.palavalli | LinkedIn ]

Krishna works as SAP application architect for ConvergentIS, an SAP Partner based in Canada. He is also an SAP Mentor and the author of the SAP Fiori Certification Guide from SAP PRESS.

Mahesh works for SAP Labs India as senior developer. This is his first publication.

Where can we get the book?

From the SAP PRESS website and bookstore (all formats; hardcovers also sold elsewhere)

SAP PRESS is a subsidiary of Rheinwerk Publishing with offices in Germany and the US. They publish about 60 new titles each year about all topics SAP: Finance, HR, CRM, HANA, BI, development, administration, and ... certifications!

Any discounts?

Yes, there are frequent sales and specials. To be notified, follow SAP PRESS on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Any reading sample?

Yes. Chapter two is available online

Any good?

Yes! If you are looking for a good study guide for the exam, look no further. The Certification Success Guide covers all material and provides well over a hundred questions to test your knowledge.

All SAP Certification Success Guides have a fixed structure, starting with an in-depth coverage of the material. Important terminology is summarised and to test your understanding, a large number of practice questions are provided, with answers and explanations.

About the Certification

SAP Extension Suite (Retired)

SAP introduced the Extension Suite in 2020 to complement the SAP Integration Suite, together comprising the SAP Cloud Platform at the time.

The Extension Suite contained all services that were not part of the Integration Suite, a rather eclectic collection, further categorised under the labels Digital Experience, Development Efficiency, and Digital Process Automation.

Around the time of SAP Teched 2022, the Extension Suite was retired as portfolio. The services, for the most part are still available, some are now part of the SAP Build.

SAP BTP Extension Developer

The SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Extension Suite certification (C_CPE_13) succeeded the SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Extensions certification (C_CPE_12) and SAP Cloud Platform (C_CP_11).

With the suite retired, the certification also changed name

However, not all material has been updated yet. Course CLD200 - SAP Extension Suite is still referenced as the recommended course to prepare for the exam (time or writing)

In other words, the name of the exam and certification have changed but not the actual version (C_CPE_14). The content and questions are still the same.

Topic Areas

Although the content has not changed, the topic areas have been slightly modified.

  • SAP Fiori Elements is now called User Interface

  • SAP Business Technology, Platform, Web Development Standards, and Connectivity have been merged into Tools and Standards.

No changes to Authorisation and Trust Management, SAP Cloud Application Programming model, and SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery.

The number of questions have been reduced from 80 to 60 and the time allowed from 3 to 2 hours.

Each topic area is a chapter in the book. Although these no longer correspond to the current situation, this is a minor inconvenience.

On a Side Note

Learning Journey

For the Learning Journey, see

Video Tutorial Series

For the video tutorial series from the SAP HANA Academy, see

Become an Author

Interested in writing a book yourself? For a how-to guide, see

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Questions? Please post as comment.

Useful? Give us a like and share on social media.


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