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Product and Topic Expert
Title: SAP Preferred Success: Navigating Your Journey to Excellence

Explore the ultimate guide for SAP Preferred Success in SAP Analytics Cloud to unleash the full potential of your analytics journey: (Final)-Comprehensive Guide to Preferred Success for SAP Analytics Cloud


In the ever-evolving landscape of business technology, staying ahead of the curve is not just an aspiration; it's a necessity. SAP, a global leader in software solutions, recognizes this imperative and has curated a comprehensive program known as SAP Preferred Success. This program encapsulates the essence of strategic partnership, aimed at fast-tracking value realization, innovation, and growth.

SAP Preferred Success simplifies its offerings into five key activities, bolstered by three foundational programs. These five services are crafted to align with your customer journey lifecycle, ensuring that support and guidance are available precisely when needed.

To Recap the Five Preferred Success Key Activities

  1. Design Discovery Checks

  2. Capability Advisory Checks + Capability Advisory Checks for Predictive Analytics 

  3. Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks

  4. Solution Launch Checks for Performance Optimization +Solution Launch Checks for Security & Connectivity

  5. Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks


Today, Let's delve into the fifth and final service within Preferred Success - "Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks."


Unlocking the Potential of Success Checks:

SAP Preferred Success understands that a holistic approach to success extends beyond the initial implementation phases. It encompasses the entire journey, from adoption to optimization. To cater to this, SAP offers both Solution Launch Checks (pre-go-live) and Success Checks (post-go-live). These checks serve as a bridge, connecting your organization with functional specialists who are well-versed in SAP best practices.

The Personalized Touch:

What sets Success Checks apart is their personalization. These checks aren't one-size-fits-all; instead, they're designed to meet your organization's unique needs. Imagine a virtual setting where you have exclusive sessions with SAP's customer success experts and functional specialists. These experts leverage their deep knowledge to provide you with feedback and recommendations tailored precisely to your current landscape and goals.

Unearthing Best Practices:

Success Checks dive deep into your solution landscape during the operate/optimize phase. The objective is clear - identify SAP best practices that will empower your organization. After these sessions, you receive a comprehensive report loaded with best practice recommendations, essentially a roadmap for your journey to excellence.

When to Request Success Checks?

Timing is crucial when considering Success Checks. You should contemplate requesting this service when:

1. Your organization has successfully completed the onboarding activities.
2. You've already built a Story/Dashboard in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) tenant, with the content closely resembling the final production version.
3. Your organization is in the preparation phase for Go-Live.

Proactive Problem-Solving:

Success Checks are more than just a review; they are an opportunity to address concerns and challenges proactively. During these sessions, an SAP Functional Specialist will guide you through the process. You'll be requested to provide information for them to connect to your system, so ensure you have remote connectivity login ready for your SAC environment. If any performance-related concerns arise, these checks offer a platform to discuss and potentially resolve them during the session. If resolution isn't immediate, recommendations will be provided for addressing these issues in the future.

In Summary:

SAP Preferred Success is your trusted partner on your journey to SAP excellence. With Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks, you gain access to personalized guidance, deep insights, and best practice recommendations. Consider SAP Preferred Success as an indispensable companion on your path to success with SAP solutions. It's not just a program; it's your bridge to excellence, ensuring you unlock the full potential of your SAP investment.

What’s Next:

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on the next Three Preferred Success programs offerings

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Ramy Salem

Customer Success, SAP Australia
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