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Product and Topic Expert
Title: SAP Preferred Success: Unleashing the Power of SAP Analytics Cloud with Capability Advisory Checks

Explore the ultimate guide for SAP Preferred Success in SAP Analytics Cloud to unleash the full potential of your analytics journey: (Final)-Comprehensive Guide to Preferred Success for SAP Analytics Cloud

In our previous blog post, we explored Design Discovery Check SAP Preferred Success:Design Discovery Checks for SAP Analytics Cloud, one of the five key activities offered by SAP Preferred Success. Today, we're diving into the second service in this program, the Capability Advisory Check, which plays a crucial role in ensuring that SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) customers maximize the potential of their solutions. This service provides detailed and prescriptive advice on modeling and story-building capabilities within SAC, enabling customers to fine-tune their implementations for specific use cases.



SAP Preferred Success Recap:

As a quick recap, SAP Preferred Success is a comprehensive program that comprises five key services supported by three programs, all of which are designed to align with a customer's lifecycle. These services cater to different stages of a customer's journey with SAP solutions. Today, we focus on Service #2: Capability Advisory Checks.


Capability Advisory Checks: Enhancing Your SAC Experience

Capability Advisory Checks are designed as an extension of the Design Discovery Checks, aimed at ensuring that customers' designs align perfectly with their specific use cases. These checks provide customers with detailed and prescriptive insights into the capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud. Here's what you need to know about this valuable service:


  1. Tailored Guidance: Capability Advisory Checks are personalized 1:1 session that offer customers a deep dive into both BTP (Business Technology Platform) standalone and design-time capabilities. These sessions are conducted by functional specialists with expertise in SAC.


  1. Detailed Insights: The checks for SAP Analytics Cloud provide comprehensive advice on modeling and story-building capabilities within the platform. Customers receive guidance on various aspects, including:


- Differentiating between Analytical and Planning Models.

- Creating Models from Acquired Data Sources and Live Data Sources.

- Importing Data into Existing Models.

- Story Creation from Existing Models.

- Crafting Filters, Variances, Formulas, and Linked Analysis.

- Leveraging Smart Capabilities within SAC.


Objectives of Capability Advisory Checks:

The primary objectives of Capability Advisory Checks in SAP Analytics Cloud are as follows:


  1. Introduce Modeling Options: Familiarize participants with the modelling options available within SAP Analytics Cloud for both live and acquired data sources.


  1. Empower Modelers: Provide modelers with the tools and knowledge required to manipulate, import, and schedule data within their models.


  1. End-User Empowerment: Enable end-users to take charge of the story design process by offering insights into the intricacies of SAC's story-building capabilities.




To make the most of Capability Advisory Checks, it is highly recommended that participants complete the SAP Analytics Cloud Introduction and Capabilities Webinars. These webinars provide essential foundational knowledge that forms the basis for deeper exploration during the checks.


Capability Advisory Checks are beneficial for a variety of professionals involved in SAP Analytics Cloud implementations, including:


- Business Architects

- Administrators

- Project Managers

- Report Developers


Customized Guidance for Your Needs:

These checks are particularly valuable for customers who are actively developing models and stories in SAP Analytics Cloud or planning to do so. During the sessions, Solution Advisors will not only present relevant topics but also hold demos to illustrate key concepts. Customers are encouraged to ask questions, raise concerns, and discuss their plans and use cases. This interactive approach ensures that the guidance provided aligns seamlessly with each customer's unique requirements.


Scope of the Session:

The Capability Advisory Check sessions on SAP Analytics Cloud involve an SAP Functional Specialist presenting modeling and story creation options and demonstrating the process within SAC. This session is an opportunity for customers to gain in-depth insights and clarify any doubts regarding SAC capabilities.



Capability Advisory Checks in SAP Preferred Success provide customers with the expertise and guidance they need to make the most of SAP Analytics Cloud. By delving into the intricacies of modeling and story-building capabilities, customers can fine-tune their implementations, empower their teams, and extract maximum value from their SAP solutions. These checks exemplify SAP's commitment to customer success and ongoing support throughout their journey with SAP Analytics Cloud.


What’s Next:

Follow me on my next blog on Next Preferred Success Service “Capabilities Advisory Check for Predictive Planning”

Stay Tuned!

Ramy Salem

Customer Success, SAP Australia
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