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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Title: Accelerating Planning with Predictive Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud

Explore the ultimate guide for SAP Preferred Success in SAP Analytics Cloud to unleash the full potential of your analytics journey:(Final)-Comprehensive Guide to Preferred Success for SAP Analytics Cloud


In our journey through SAP Preferred Success, we've explored the valuable Design Discovery Checks here and the in-depth guidance provided by Capability Advisory Checks for SAP Analytics Cloud here. Now, let's dive into a specialized area within the Capability Advisory Checks: Predictive Planning. This service is designed to empower organizations to complement and accelerate their planning processes by harnessing the power of Predictive Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).



Enhancing Planning with Predictive Planning:

The Capability Advisory Check for Predictive Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud is all about empowering organizations to take their planning processes to the next level. This service can be applied to your own custom planning scenarios within SAC or to SAP Analytics Cloud standard business content that covers a wide range of functional domains, including Revenue & Sales Planning, Expense Planning, Headcount Planning, and more.


Predictive Planning Unleashed:

This specialized Capability Advisory Check focuses on unlocking the full potential of Predictive Planning within SAP Analytics Cloud. Here's what you can expect from this service:


  1. Complementing the Planning Process: Predictive Planning is a powerful tool that can complement and enhance your existing planning processes. Whether you're working on revenue projections, expense forecasting, or workforce planning, Predictive Planning can provide valuable insights and predictions to optimize your planning strategies.


  1. Acceleration of Planning: With Predictive Planning, you can accelerate the planning process by automating repetitive tasks, making data-driven decisions, and quickly adapting to changing business conditions. This service guides you on how to leverage Predictive Planning capabilities effectively.


Applications Across Functional Domains:

The Predictive Planning Capability Advisory Check is versatile and applicable to a wide range of planning scenarios, including but not limited to:


- Revenue & Sales Planning: Predict future revenue streams and sales performance with data-driven insights.


- Expense Planning: Optimize budgeting and expense forecasting by leveraging predictive analytics.


- Headcount Planning: Efficiently plan your workforce needs based on predictive modeling.


- Custom Planning Scenarios: Tailor Predictive Planning to your organization's unique planning requirements.


Custom or Standard Business Content:

Customers have the flexibility to apply Predictive Planning to their own custom planning scenarios or leverage SAP Analytics Cloud's standard business content, which includes prebuilt planning solutions tailored to different functional domains.


We highly recommend that you complete the SAP Analytics Cloud Introduction and Capabilities Webinars.

Recommended Attendees

  • Business Planners

  • Business Architects

  • Administrators

  • Project Managers



Incorporating Predictive Planning into your SAP Analytics Cloud toolkit is a strategic move that can give your organization a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape. The Capability Advisory Check for Predictive Planning equips you with the knowledge and guidance to harness the full potential of Predictive Planning, whether you're working on standard business content or custom planning scenarios. With predictive insights at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions, optimize your planning processes, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world. SAP Preferred Success continues to be your partner in achieving success with SAP Analytics Cloud, and Predictive Planning is your key to unlocking the future of planning excellence.


What's Next:

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on the next Preferred Success Service: "Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks" on my blog.

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Ramy Salem
Customer Success, SAP Australia
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