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Several months back, I wrote a blog on SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service and how it helps asset manufacturers and operators to reduce downtimes and streamline service and maintenance operations.

Please find more details here:

We now released Feature pack 3 in July and I would like to provide you with a quick summary of what’s new:

Graphical visualization of alerts and asset KPIs

With Feature Pack 3, it is now possible to graphically visualize the large list of alerts that have been generated by condition monitoring or by fault pattern recognition. A service technician will now be able to visualize the amount and types of alerts per country (see picture). It is then possible to further drill down by e.g. customer or asset type. It also allows the user to set filters on each dimension. With the introduction of this capability, service or maintenance engineers can also perform comprehensive benchmarks in order to compare the performance of similar assets across customers and locations.

Map visualization of asset location

Assets that are remotely connected to SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service can now be visualized on a map. Assets with open warnings and errors will be color coded so that the service technician at any point in time will have full control of the overall alert situation. The user can easily toggle between the 3 different views: the map view, the graphical visualization as well as the flat list that was originally available.

Fiori Launchpad as a new entry into the application

You can think about the Fiori Launch pad as a role based and personalized entry point  into the Predictive Maintenance and Service application. Below, you can see the new tile design of the launch pad.

Pictures along with your assets

For a faster identification of the connected assets in the system, we have now introduced the upload of machine pictures that will help service and maintenance technicians to better navigate through the asset.

There are several other innovations with Feature Pack 3 such as alerts per email, free data selection, enhanced machine data configuration and many more.  You can find the entire list here:

We will deliver quarterly innovations for SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service. Shortly you can expect another blog on Feature Pack 4 which is currently targeted for the end of September.

Until then, stay tuned and if there are questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Adrian Langlouis, Solution Manager, SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service