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This page guides you on how you can access the trial version of SAP Predictive Analytics – Professional Edition in three easy steps.

Step 1 - Registration

To access the trial version, you need to register. You will then receive an email that points you to the  SAP Predictive Analytics solution.

Step 2 - Landscape Access

The solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available through the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL). This blog explains how to get a AWS account and how to create your own instance of the CAL solution for SAP Predictive Analytics.

Step 3 - Your first steps with SAP Predictive Analytics – Professional Editions

SAP Predictive Analytics – Professional Edition contains:

  • SAP Predictive Analytics in version Client/Server and Desktop

  • SAP Predictive Factory

With the CAL solution, comes with:

  • a front-end system where the latest version of SAP Predictive Analytics is installed and configured.

  • a back-end system with a SAP HANA 2 database that already contains datasets samples and where you can upload your own datasets.

Links and videos on SAP Predictive Analytics

Online Help of SAP Predictive Analytics 3.2

What’s New in SAP Predictive Analytics 3.2 : video (3:23)

Inside SAP Predictive Analytics 3.x : video (3:06)

Feature Engineering with SAP Predictive Analytics

Automated Analytics

Expert Analytics

  • Use the Auto Classification algorithm : Video (3:35)

  • Install and configure open-source R algorithms : Video (1:32)

  • Create a custom R component : Video (9:59)

  • Save, export, import and apply data models : Video (4:10)

Predictive Factory

  • Online Help

  • SAP Predicitve Analytics 3.2 – Classification Scenario from Predictive Factory (Blog)

  • Massively Automate Your Predictive Models with Predictive Factory : Video (33:10)

  • Setting up a connection to an Automated Server: Video (2:55)

  • Setting up a connection to an SAP HANA Server : Video (2:48)

  • Authoring a time series forecasting model in Predictive Factory : Video (2:32)

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