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For the last year, the SAP Predictive Analytics team has been delivering in-person workshops for customers, partners, and SAP employees.  These sessions cover the fundamental concepts of predictive modeling along with a number of best practices and demonstrations.  Feedback from attendees has been consistently high so we have worked to capture the essential information from these workshop in the following videos.

The videos are generally categorized into two major sections.  The first provides basic information on SAP Predictive Analytics, an overview of a typical predictive project, and step-by-step demonstrations for installing the software.  The second section dives into functional areas of SAP Predictive Analytics including data management, model development, and model debriefing.  Key focus areas include Data Manager, Automated Analytics, and Predictive Factory.

Please note all sessions were developed using SAP Predictive Analytics 3.x.  Links to the videos are included below.


SAP Predictive Analytics Overview and Installation

  1. SAP Predictive Analytics Overview – brief overview videos on YouTube
    What Is SAP Predictive Analytics? – 2 minutes
    What Is SAP Predictive Analytics? Part 2: Automation – 2 minutes
    What Is SAP Predictive Analytics? Part 3: Predictive Factory – 2 minutes
    What Is SAP Predictive Analytics? Part 4: Deploying Models – 2 minutes

  2. Elements of a Typical SAP Predictive Analytics Project – 24 minutes

  3. Review the SAP Predictive Analytics Product Availability Matrix – 9 minutes

  4. Desktop Installation – 14 minutes

  5. Server Installation – 18 minutes

  6. Client Installation – 10 minutes

  7. Predictive Factory Installation – 8 minutes

  8. Post Installation Tips & Tricks – 17 minutes

SAP Predictive Analytics Data Management and Modeling

  1. Data Manager Overview – 11 minutes

  2. Overview of Automated Modeling Capabilities – 17 minutes

  3. Data Manager Demo – 30 minutes

  4. Predictive Factory Classification Demo – 6 minutes

  5. Model Debriefing – 12 minutes

For further information, you can also visit the SAP Predictive Analytics Help Portal, the SAP Predictive Analytics Tutorial page in the SAP Community, and the SAP Predictive Analytics Playlist on YouTube.

Special thanks go out to the SAP Predictive Analytics team including jan.fetzer, antoine.chabert, Rao Addanki, and debraj.roy for helping to create and deliver the content.  I would also like to recognize david.duncan for his support pulling everything together.

Please feel free to provide your comments or questions.  Also let us know if there are specific topic areas you would like to see added to this list.  On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for your interest in SAP Predictive Analytics.

Best Regards,