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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The new community platform was launched recently, which replaces the former SAP Community Network (SCN). Its new name is SAP Community. SAP Enterprise Portal has also a new home in the new community and I will tell you more about this new home in this blog.

I can imagine that you as a SAP Enterprise Portal community member might be confused with the start of the new platform. You were used to join our SAP Enterprise Portal space on SCN, you were used to find all relevant content in this space (blogs, forums, presentations, guides etc.). Now all this is gone and we are all faced with a big change.

I decided to give you some tips and tricks and I hope it will help you to get more familiar with the new environment.

1. What happened with the SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP HANA Cloud Portal spaces?

There are no spaces anymore on the new SAP Community. Some spaces were completely deleted (and replaced by the tag concept) and for some selected topics there are so-called "Community Topic Pages". We are happy to announce that there is a new community topic page for SAP Portal: covering our on premise solution SAP Enterprise Portal and also our cloud service SAP HCP, portal service (formlery known as SAP HANA Cloud Portal).
You might already have realized that there is a redirect from the former SCN space SAP Enterprise Portal to the new SAP Portal community topic page.

The SAP Portal community topic page has a "Featured Content Area" which contains 9 featured content topics with up-to-date news per topic:

Please click on the brackets of the carousel to move back and forward in the 9 featured content topics. If you scroll down the page, you find additional links under "Related Resources".

You can also create a list of the most recent blogs and questions. If you click on "See more blogs and questions" you will get a complete list of all blogs and questions of the SAP Portal community.

Note that you cannot created blogs or questions directly inside the community topic page as you were used to do on the former SCN Enterprise Portal space. How this works, you find in the section "How to create blogs and questions"?

2. How to search for a Community Topic Page ?

There is a special search for Community Topic Pages: go to or via menu Community -> Browse the community. This is a dynamic page finder for all available Community Topic Pages, it allows users to browse, filter and search among all available Community Topic Pages for their topic of interest. You have to know the exact wording however….in our case you have to enter "SAP Portal" and you will get it as a search result.

3. World of Tags

The space structured content you know from the Jive based SCN changed to tag structured content. SAP Community content - blog posts and questions - requires a primary tag, which represents the content's main subject. You can also choose to follow a tag so you can have easier access to all content related to a specific topic. In some cases, tags have associated Community Topic Pages that contain additional content organized in a structured way.

Our primary tags, which you need for example when you create blogs:
- SAP Enterprise Portal
- SAP HANA Cloud Portal (the „former" name for Portal Service)

How to follow our tags?
Go to the SAP Portal Community Topic Page, scroll down to the end of the page and see on the right side a list of links with the header „See all content on“. The links below will lead you to the Enterprise Portal tag page and the Cloud Portal tag page. Click on „Follow“.

Note: You’ll receive alerts for tag activity via your Followed Activities, but you’ll need to be in the community for that.  At the moment, there are no e-mail notifications, however it is a feature which might be available in the future.

The whole list of tags with their respective links can be found here (look for Excel download link).

Recommended Reading concerning tags:

4. Search on the new Community ? Where to find what?

There are different searches available. This might be confusing, I hope there will be an overall search available in the future. search: When you click on the search icon beside your profile picture you will get to a more general search which does not refer to the community in special.

1DX search: In that search inside the community you will find some filters that might be useful. Here you find also those SAP Portal presentations and technical guides which were migrated from the Jive based SCN to the new community.

Community Topic Page Search: read paragraph 2 in this blog.

Search for SAP Portal blogs and questions: Go to a Community Topic page and scoll down, click on "View more blogs and questions". You see a search page with a simple filter, and you can also sort according to newest and oldest.

5. How to create a blog and a question for SAP Enterprise Portal or SAP HCP Portal Service?

The process how to create blogs and questions is different than in the Jive based SCN. Here you were used to go into the Enterprise Portal space and from here you could create a blog or a question. On the new community you cannot create blogs or questions directly from the SAP Portal community topic page.

You either click on your profile icon and choose "Write a blog post" or you just go into the blog application and then you choose "Actions -> Write a blog post".
When writing a blog you have to enter a primary tag (which is SAP Enterprise Portal) and you can also enter additional tags and user tags. More information about tags: look here.

Concerning questions it is the same process. You either click on your profile icon and choose "Ask a question" or you just go into the Q&A application and choose "Actions -> Ask a question". Also in the question, you have to enter a primary tag.

6. Report issues and ideas for new features

To report bugs in the community, you can post the questions using primary tag “Using”.
You should bookmark in your browser blogs and discussions with this tag:

Blogs tagged Using
Questions tagged Using

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the functionality that should be available on the new community then use the Idea Place. Make sure to check the ideas already entered and avoid entering the same ones. Instead, upvote the existing ideas since there is 10 vote minimum just to get considered.

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