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Resist or evolve? Every business entertains that thought before responding to changes in market dynamics or customer preferences. But the question is worth considering. While some market shifts become permanent fixtures, many more seem to pop up and become immediately overshadowed by an even more significant change.

A few prime examples impacting today's global marketplace include the lingering pandemic, volatile geopolitics, and rapid change in customer expectations. But from the perspective of SAP partners, businesses can navigate this dynamic landscape with extended planning and analytics (xP&A).

According to Tom Le, global vice president of Partner Solution Advisory at SAP, this new chapter in digital transformation presents a critical opportunity to create and connect strategic, financial, and operational plans across the enterprise.

"With every market challenge or global crisis that unfolds, the interest level and awareness around planning and analytics grow," Le observed. "Increasingly, organizations see a need for xP&A tools that help proactively assess and resolve challenges, which cannot be accomplished with their legacy solutions."

SAP partners worldwide find that the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, available through SAP Business Technology Platform, offers the business intelligence, augmented and predictive analytics, and enterprise planning capabilities that support extended planning and analysis. For example, organizations can use these tools to redefine and streamline their expense and asset plans with a focus on the most strategic needs of their business.

With SAP Analytics Cloud and our partners' expertise, SAP customers can gain the planning and analytics capabilities that eliminate data silos and crowdsource strategic planning business-wide. But more importantly, they can become the agile innovators, accurate forecasters, and responsive brands that buyers are looking for.

If you’d like to learn how SAP Analytics Cloud is helping SAP partners leverage xP&A capabilities to resolve significant challenges for their customers, check out Tom Le's blog, Business Planning and Analytics: Surviving vs. Thriving | SAP News Center