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SAP recently announced its €2 Billion Investment Plan “to unlock the next wave of value from the Internet of Things.” Among other things, the investment plan is aimed at accelerating innovation in the IoT market and includes more co-innovation opportunities as well as growth of SAP’s Partner and Startups Ecosystem.

As a result, the SAP Co-Innovation Lab team, also known as COIL, hosted an interactive session called “Exploration of Co-Innovation Ideas and the Internet of Things.” It was designed to explore the IoT Co-Innovation occurring between SAP and three Partner companies. As one of the participants in the panel discussion, I was able to share what my team, the IoT Smart Connected Business team, is focused on and how we are working with Partners to contribute to SAP’s overall IoT Strategy.

IoT Focus:

The IoT Smart Connected Business drives growth and expands SAP’s IoT footprint by ideating, defining, delivering, and taking to market standard IoT business solutions. Two of our new IoT solutions – SAP Connected Goods and SAP Dynamic Edge Processing – were just recently launched to help close the IoT gap which currently exists between Information and Operations Technologies. The latest SAP Press Release provides more details for each these solutions, but let me give you a quick introduction as to how each is created to maximize business value.

  • SAP Connected Goods is a cloud-based IoT solution, designed to maximize the value of mass market devices through remote monitoring, management and central control. It is IoT, it is big data and it runs on SAP’s next release of the HANA Cloud Platform – Cloud Foundry.

  • SAP Dynamic Edge Processing is also an IoT solution which helps to overcome the processing mismatch between the core and the edge and enables companies to take immediate action at the edge, to enrich real-time IoT decision making with business context.

Partnership Examples:

Speaking of SAP Dynamic Edge Processing, the partnership between Intel and SAP is an example of a collaboration with innovative technologies. Intel and SAP have recently published an IoT video, showing how Intel’s IoT gateway running SAP Dynamic Edge Processing provides real-time IoT sensor monitoring and intelligence at the edge and converts hazardous data events into alerts.

Another example on how we collaborate with Partners is exemplified by our latest openSAP course “Imagine IoT”. In addition to all sessions provided by SAP professionals and experts, we have multiple guest speakers sharing their IoT expertise on “how to make IoT work best”, contributing to a more holistic picture on IoT.

These are just a few examples of SAP’s commitment to invest in and grow its Partner Ecosystem. Whether you are a customer trying to find an SAP partner to work with, a company looking to explore and join our partner ecosystem, or an existing SAP partner who wants to access exclusive sales and marketing tools, events, solution information, support, demos, education, benefits, and more, the IoT Smart Connected Business is here to help!