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On November 15th 2013, IBM i 7.1 technology refresh 7 became generally available. It can be ordered from IBM as PTF group SF99707. For an overview of the new features and enhancements in TR7, see the announcement letter at IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 7 offers performance, usability, and integration enhancements. More detailed technical descriptions can be found at IBM i Technology Updates.

If you are running SAP on IBM i, the following enhancements may be of special interest for you:

  1. IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 7 offers support for several new hardware features, such as solid-state drives (SSDs). For a complete list, see the anouncement letter that we link to above.
  2. The maximum size of an SQL index has been increased to 1.7TB. Non-partitioned tables could already grow up to 1.7TB, but for indexes, the size was still limited to 1 TB. This limit has now been increased.
  3. Phase 2 of the tracking of important system limits has been shipped. In our blog entry of October 25th 2013, we had already announced that: SAP on IBM i - Update week 43 2013: Proactively monitoring table size limits on IBM i. The following article provides a very good and detailed overview over the concept: OnDemand Tracking of Important System Limits on IBM i. In the meantime we found out, that you will only see an entry with SIZING_NAME = 'MAXIMUM NUMBER OF VARIABLE LENGTH SEGMENTS'  in view QSYS2/SYSLIMITS if you have a table that actually has more than 100 variable length segments. So if you don't see such an entry after applying the technology refresh, do not worry: You just don't have a table that is coming close to the critical limit.

The database enhancements in IBM i 7.1 technology refresh 7 are mostly available through DB2 PTF group SF99701 level 26 as well. Those enhancements will also be made available for IBM i 6.1 through DB2 PTF group SF99601 level 31, which is scheduled to become available on December 6th 2013. However, other features of IBM i 7.1 TR7, in particular the support of certain hardware components, may not become available for IBM i 6.1 at all.