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SAP Host Agent 7.21 patch level 25 was made available in the SAP Software Distribution Center on Friday, March 31st. With this patch, major changes to the SAP operating system performance data provider were provided. You may not have heard about that function before: This is intended to be the replacement for SAPOSCOL in the future, providing the collected performance data through a Web service and the standardized "Common Information Model" (CIM) rather than shared memory. While transaction ST06 is still using SAPOSCOL as the data provider, newer implementations of the SAP Solution Manager are already relying on the new CIM-based provider.

The CIM-based provider was available since quite a while. However, on IBM i it required some amount of configuration, which was described in SAP Note 2078088. Not many customers had activated it, and even if they did, they could experience a high CPU utilization in process QUMEPRVAGT or error messages like the following in file /usr/sap/hostctrl/work/sapstartsrv.log:

  • ERROR => CIM request failed: Unable to get data from CIM broker

  • ERROR => Failed to load CIM data

  • ERROR => Failed to load MetricValues

  • ERROR => Cannot calculate SAP_ITSAMOSProcess.CPUTimePercentage: OS.CPUCount metric not available

  • ERROR => Failed to load SAP_ITSAMVirtualComputerSystem data

  • ERROR => Webmethod GetCIMObject failed: Failed to load SAP_ITSAMVirtualComputerSystem data

  • WARNING => NiICreateHandle: no more free handles (2048)

With SAP Host Agent 7.21 patch level 25, the CIM-based provider was rewritten to collect data in a more efficient way, requiring fewer external components and less configuration. The new setup is described in SAP Note 2444281, and the complex setup of SAP Note 2078088 is no longer needed. The new SAP Host Agent does not only fix the previously reported problems, but also lays the foundation for the new Technical Monitoring Cockpit (TMC) that SAP is planning to ship throughout this year. Stay tuned to be informed when the new TMC will be released for IBM i.