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As you know, IBM is collecting information about important PTFs for SAP customers with IBM i in the so-called "Info APARs" II14536 (for IBM i 7.1), II14741 (for IBM i 7.2) or II14816 (for IBM i 7.3). While this is very valuable information for maintenance planning and preventive maintenance, today’s business requires high availability around the clock and only allows for occasional maintenance windows. With that, it is not uncommon that customers are a bit behind the level that is listed in the current versions of those Info APARs. With this blog entry, we would like to point out the PTFs that solve specific issues and may be of interest to you:

  1. If you are planning to upgrade to a SAP NetWeaver target release of 7.40 or higher, or if you are using the downward-compatible kernel in release 7.49, make sure to have the following PTFs applied:

    - IBM i 7.1: SI58135, SI63456
    - IBM i 7.2: SI60197
    - IBM i 7.3: SI60200

    With these PTFs, the new Open SQL features LIMIT and OFFSET are enabled at database level. The PTFs for IBM i 7.1 and 7.2 can only be applied during an IPL, but the PTF for IBM i 7.3 can be applied immediately.

  2. If you have IBM i 7.3 installed and use Windows servers either as an application server or as front end for the SAP software logistics tools, make sure to have PTF MF63136 installed. This PTFs allows multiple users to connect from Windows to the IBM i NetServer at the same time. To apply this PTF individually, you do not need to IPL your IBM i server, but just end and restart the NetServer.

You can hear more about LIMIT, OFFSET, IBM i 7.3 and other recent enhancements to SAP on IBM i at the Spring Summit on April 26th and 27th in Rochester, MN. For a detailed agenda and to register, see