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CA APM Introscope (formerly called Wily Introscope), as part of the Application Performance Management solution by CA Technologies, can be used to monitor SAP Java application performance. The Right to View (RTV) version of CA APM Introscope is a restricted, read-only form of the full product and is bundled with the SAP Solution Manager. General installation information for CA APM Introscope can be found in SAP Note 797147.

As part of the overall performance monitoring, CA APM Introscope is offering operating system performance monitoring, such as CPU utilization or disk I/O performance data. The data is provided on the monitored system through the Diagnostics Agent, which receives its data from the SAP Host Agent. Traditionally, the SAP Host Agent obtained performance data from the SAP OS Collector (SAPOSCOL) through shared memory, but since quite a while, SAP is also shipping a performance collector based on the Common Information Model (CIM), which is standardized by an industry trade group called the DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force). Communication with the so-called CIM providers occurs through web services. With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP09 and SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP has shifted the data collection method from SAPOSCOL to the CIM provider. We have discovered that not all of the data previously reported by SAPOSCOL was correct, and some is not available in the CIM environment. To get the available and correct data in the CIM environment, we recommend that you install at least SAP Host Agent 7.21 patch level 36. Details about the affected metrics can be found in SAP Note 2569118.

A monitoring landscape with an SAP Solution Manager, CA APM Introscope and a monitored system could look like this:

In the SAP Solution Manager, a template named WilyHostAgentTemplate.xml is provided for CA APM Introscope to convert the raw operating system performance data into a readable format. There is one template for all operating systems supported by SAP, so the template is only showing data that is available on all (or most) operating systems. The concept of “main storage pools” is unique to IBM i, so the current shipment of the template does not show data for main storage pools. However, you can modify the template and include data that is important to your system.

In the first step, you must download the standard template from your SAP Solution Manager to your workstation. If you execute transaction SM_WORKCENTER, you get a large selection of applications. Select Agents Administration from the section SAP Solution Manager Administration. Select the agent of your IBM i server and then choose Agent Admin for the selected agent. In the Agent Administration screen, choose the tab Application Configuration, and then follow the tree Configuration -> -> Application Resources -> WilyHostAgentTemplate.xml. This will bring up the following screen, in which you can download the shipped version of the template and upload and distribute it to one or multiple agents after editing it.

Once the template is on your workstation, you can edit it using any text editor of your choice. The following picture shows the lines (marked with the green bar on the left) to add in order to show main storage pool information for IBM i:

Other interesting values for IBM i to add would be the network utilization in percent and the size and available space for disk units. The necessary additions for these metrics are marked with a light red background in the following picture:

After adding these lines, you can upload the modified template to the SAP Solution Manager and decide if you want to use it only for specific agents (in a heterogeneous environment), or if you want to use it for all of your agents. With the new template in place, you can look at the operating system performance data through the application CA Introscope Workstation. The data can be found in node SAP OsCol as shown in the picture below:

Note that the node MainStoragePools with the main storage pool information is only available when the modified template has been applied.