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Last Changed: 23rd of November 2022

SAP-NLS Solution for SAP BW(/4) all Releases

Blog Content

Page - Sybase solutions strategic for data management

Blog -  SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …
new Blog - SAP ILM Store based on SAP IQ Database

Introducing the real world and best practice use case with nearline storage (NLS)

And now: Introducing the Hasso's View at SAPPhire 2019


Improve decision-making capabilities by bringing unprecedented performance to SAP Business Warehouse with SAP HANA for current data and SAP IQ for historical data – achieving the perfect balance of cost and performance. The adapter for SAP IQ as a near-line solution is delivered with the BW system. The Integration of SAP IQ makes it possible for you to separate data that you access frequently from data that you access rarely, thus making less demand on the resources in the BW system. The near-line data is stored in compressed form. You can thus reduce the costs incurred by data that is accessed less frequently.

With the current Release of SAP BW 7.40 Feature Pack 02 (based on 7.40 SP08) some interesting improvements and updates were released for the SAP-NLS Solution based on SAP IQ SP10. Also including the latest SAP-NLS Features for SAP BW 7.50 and 7.50 SR1 (based on 7.50 SP04)

Please Note that the SAP-NLS Solution can be used with all supported database version supported by SAP BW 7.3x and onwards. Together with NLS Partner solutions, Nearline storage for SAP BW can also be enabled from SAP BW 7.0x releases onwards.

Overview and Roadmap

Find the SAP IQ as a Near-Line Storage Solution on the SAP online documentation:

Installation and Implementation

Blog - Q - the easy Installer for SAP Sybase IQ
Blog - enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT
Blog - demystifying NLS/ILM error messages …


IQ simplex server architecture - SAP IQ database

dbisql -c "uid=SAPSQ1USR;pwd=Sybase4me;DSN=hostname_SQ1_11" -nogui

(SAPSQ1USR)> sp_iqlmconfig;
Property Value
Licence Notice
Edition EE
License Type CP
Application Type null
IQ_CORE License Count in use 80 (CPU core based)
Optional license in use : IQ_UDA Yes(Allowed)
Optional license in use : IQ_LOB Yes(Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_SECURITY No (Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_MPXNODE No
Optional license in use: IQ_VLDBMGMT Yes(Allowed)
IQ_VLDBMGMT License Count in use 1 (Max Allowed : 4)
Optional license in use: IQ_UDF No (Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_IDA No (Allowed)
Optional license in use: IQ_URIDA No (Allowed)
Email Severity NONE
SMTP Host smtp
SMTP Port 25
Email Sender
Email Recipients

(19 rows)


SAP License for NLS and ILM usage

SAP IQ SDA/ODBC configuration


Find the detailed installation of the SAP IQ as a Near-Line Storage Solution in the
End-to-End Document - SAP-NLS with SAP IQ which refers to

Note 2780668 - SAP First Guidance - BW NLS Implementation with SAP IQ

SAP First Guidance – SAP NLS Solution with SAP IQ => points to the Document above.

Installing and Configuring SAP IQ as Extended Storage for SAP HANA
you will see, that the implementation is exactly the same as implementing SAP-NLS

SAP IQ "How-To" Video Tutorials
the tutorials giving you a nice insight how IQ works ...

How to Archive Data from SAP NetWeaver BW to SAP Sybase IQ as Near line Storage
SAP Help - Creating Data Archiving Processes (DAP)
Wiki - Archiving Business Data in BW

Note 2551457 – SAP IQ 16.1 SP 03 Supported Operating Systems and Versions
Note 2669590 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP 04 Supported Operating Systems and Versions
Note 3060790 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP 05 Supported Operating Systems and Versions

Notes for Installation and Implementation

Note 3196447 - troubleshooting an existing SAP IQ 16.x Implementation for NLS/DTO and ILM

Additional Information can also be found in the Blog Section

Since SAP BW on HANA 7.50 SP04 Hadoop as NLS Storage is possible as well.
Note 2363218 - Hadoop NLS: Information, Recommendations and Limitations
SAP Help: Hadoop as a Near-Line Storage Solution
Blog: Apache Hadoop as NLS solution for BW/HANA - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

See alsoSet Up Hortonworks Hadoop with SAP® Sybase® IQ

Optimizing the SAP-NLS Performance

BLOG: Increasing the SAP-NLS Performance
BLOG: SAP BW on SAP HANA & SAP HANA Smart Data Access
BLOG: Monitoring Nearline Storage Tables and Partitions from BW
BLOG: SAP Sybase IQ 16 sets Guinness World Record with 34.3TB per hour for Big Data Loading

NLS Partner Solutions

Please note that the Partner Interface for Nearline Storage is only supported in SAP BW and is not available in BW/4HANA (SAP NLS IQ and SAP NLS Hadoop are supported). See also the SAP-NLS Roadmap referenced above for more information.


PBS Software


(refer to other publications on the NLS community)

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics


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