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In this blog we will inform you about SAP NetWeaver Gateway at SAP InnoJam at CeBIT 2013.

CeBIT 2013

If you have never been to a CeBIT we would like to start our blog with some facts on and some impressions from CeBIT 2013. As you may know CeBIT is always taking place in Hanover in Germany. Every time you go to CeBIT it feels like there are more people than the year before – though I gotta admit I did not count them. In addition to business people in all imaginable flavors you will see many students, researchers and people who are simply interested in IT technology. Being the world's leading high-tech event CeBIT this year takes place from March-5 to March-9.

SAP can be found in hall 4. Being one of the largest booths you can easily spot it when entering the hall.

As you can see below there was a lot of traffic at the SAP booth:

SAP InnoJam at CeBIT 2013

This year there is a great opportunity for more than 100 studentes from all around the world at CeBIT. More specifically next to the fair ground at a place called MMBS. In this school for multimedia technologies the students will work 24 hours on a Design Thinking project leveraging cutting edge SAP technology. SAP NetWeaver Gateway experts joined the InnoJam to educate the students about and support them with SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

All further details on the InnoJam can be found here.

For those of you who know the Design Thinking approach let me tell you about the challenges the different teams could choose from:

  1. Volunteering Feedback Loop via mobile device (Björn Grindberg - - Redesign the volunteer matching experience for, organizations and the volunteers in order to be able to track successful matches with special emphasis on mobile technology. Discover Volunteering here.
  2. Conscious consumption of meat (Dennis Buchmann - Meine Kleine Farm (MkF)) - Redesign the meat consumption experience for in order to foster conscious consumption of meat. Project decription can be found here (GER).
  3. Communication Experience for Young Leaders (Sven Stegemann - BMW Stiftung) - Redesign the network experience for members of our "Young Leaders Network" during and after our non-profit forums in order to maximize the value they get out of the conferences and their network. BMW Stiftung can be found here.
  4. Visibility of IT donations (Stiftungszentrum - - Redesign the visibility of IT donations and their impact within non-profit organizations. More information can be found here (GER). 

After 11 teams presented their prototypes (3 times challenge 1-3 / 2 times challenge 4) dinner was served and now (8:16 pm) SAP is presenting different technologies to the audience.


Update March-07


After intensive discussions between the experts and the different groups coding started late last night and is still ongoing. Most – well actually all – groups are using mobile devices for the challenges and are working on their apps to be presented at the finale at 2:30 pm.

To give you a better understanding of the determination of the involved students let me tell you that at least 30 students completed the 24h shift and are still going.


The teams just presented all their prototypes, mock-ups and applications. I have to say it was pretty impressive, but what else would you expect when teams compete with names like "Meat my pig" or Hakuna Matata!". You can gind a complete list of teams here.

All teams managed to solve their challenges in one way or another. We were introduced to pretty interesting ideas on how to measure and control your meat consumption with an app using gamification features, apps that give you a good understanding of where your donations go and what good they do their, other apps that allow young leaders to easily stay in contact and interesting approaches on how to motivate people to give feedback.

Good news from a SAP NetWeaver Gateway perspective all solutions could benefit from using Gateway. Every solution presented was using mobile technologies in one way or another and came with great opportunities for a multi-channel implementation in the real world.

Last official item on today's agenda after the teams got their certificates and made pictures is the announcement of the winner of the InnoJam. This will take place at CeBIT in hall 4 at the SAP booth at 5:30 pm. So given you are there maybe you wanna join us for the event.

Epilogue - and the winner is...

Winning is not everything, that might never have been more true than after this event. However eventually there had to be a winner.

Ann Rosenberg - Global Head SAP University Alliances,

Clemens Frede - Stifter Helfen and

Aiaz Kazi - Head of Technology & Innovation Platform Strategy

had the difficult task to decide which of the 11 teams is the winner.

The winner was then announced at CeBIT in hall 4. In addition to the jury Hartmut "Harry" Thomsen Managing Director of SAP Deutschland presented the winners:

And the winner is... Team 11 "#FOURTYONE1/2"... the team presented an intuitive application to visualize IT donations. You can find a picture of the team below in the picture section.

And the second winner is... excuse me ARE... Meat My Pig and IT Pandas. Meat My Pig faced the challenge "conscious consumption of meat" and created an interesting app using gamification ideas. IT Pandas visualized IT donations in their application. Both teams are sharing the second place in this competition.

Groups at work:

Later that evening (still everyone at work and clock ticking):

And the winners are:

From left: Hartmut "Harry" Thomsen - Managing Director SAP Deutschland, Ann Rosenberg - Global Head SAP University Alliances, Clemens Frede - Stifter Helfen and Aiaz Kazi - Head of Technology & Innovation Platform Strategy, Uwe Kylau - Developer Advocate and "the man" at the event, and team 11.