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Some of the most common questions I get whenever I meet with customers and talk about SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Duet Enterprise is “What are the main use cases for using these products?” and “How do other customers use it?”. This blog attempts to answer these by sharing with you the top five business scenarios for using SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Duet Enterprise.

The first and one of the most common scenarios is Approving SAP Workflows in any device or environment.

Customers sometimes face some issues with SAP workflows: the access to SAP Inbox for the casual user can be a bottleneck, executives and managers want to execute approvals "on the fly" and work from any available user interface, like Outlook, mobile devices and more. They also want to have a collaboration platform to discuss the approvals and be more productive.

With SAP NW Gateway and Duet Enterprise we can easily bring SAP workflows to any device or environment! We can consolidate these SAP workflows from many systems into one simple view, we can help you collaborate on and reassign these workflows in just few clicks and we shorten the development process to achieve this from months to weeks! Have a look at this great IPAD app we created for one of our customers; it took us only 3 weeks to develop and it is now live and making the users happy and efficient! We can even approve workflows while talking on our IPhones, just like we do in this demo.

The second business scenario is Having SAP analytical data at your fingertips!

Yes, I know that triggering a report from BW or ERP is not a very simple task for most of us and unless you are the amazing SAP Power user you might find yourself struggling with that… But that's ok!

Our customers are struggling to run BW and ERP reports directly from SAPGUI. They need simple and intuitive access to analytical data in real time even when they
are outside of the office. They also want to integrate between SAP Hana and BW and additional analytical tools and products in order to create one simple dashboard for the decision makers that will summarize all the information they need and bring the data to their device of choice With SAP NW Gateway and Duet Enterprise
we can display information from SAP Hana in non SAP user interfaces while we integrate information from other SAP systems like CRM and include feeds from
social media. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
Check out this demo and see how we can make it real and also very cool! Overall, we can enable users to trigger reports from any UI channel with minimum effort and we
also provide seamless integration of SAP BW and ERP reports to SharePoint. Another good example for using SAP NetWeaver Gateway on top of HANA, BW and CRM is the Lenovo’s SAP NetWeaver Gateway project which was also presented in recent SAP Tech-Ed.

The third business scenario is to Collect and analyze market inputs from social media.

You are reading this blog, so chances are that you already checked your Facebook today. And LinkedIn. And Twitter. If you didn’t I would be very surprised! :wink:

Most of us use social media all the time and the information we are posting in social media can easily be turned into valuable knowledge.

Our customers realize the power of social media and the fact that users express opinions, concerns and also complain in social media all the time. They can
learn a lot and provide better products, services and engage proactively with their customers by leveraging these platforms effectively.

We can capture the social media feedback with SAP NW Gateway! We can integrate the social media feeds as a lead or complaint into your CRM system or as a
potential candidate in your HR system like in this demo.  Many other possibilities also exist. If you’d like to check some a customer testimonials on how SAP NetWeaver Gateway can help companies to generate more leads out of their social media activities you can check this great clip from Asian Paints.

The fourth business scenario is Empowering your sales force with online customer data.

Customers keep telling us that their sales teams are on the road all the time and they are not (believe it or not :smile: ), part of the exclusive "SAP Power users" group.

This means their sales reps struggle to get relevant details about their customers using SAP CRM and they desperately need a simple and intuitive interface to
consume and update customer data on the road. They also want to communicate better with their customers and respond quickly to their requests.

The way we help customers to achieve these goals is really simple. With Gateway you can easily create a user centric application to consume sales data on the road
like this very cool IPhone demo. You can also have seamless integration of CRM activities and contacts with Outlook and SharePoint using Duet Enterprise.

The fifth and last business scenario I would like to share with you is Increase the efficiency and compliance rate of your Employees self service activities.

Many of our customers have a big number of employees that need an easy way to perform daily administrative tasks like booking leave requests or recording time. Using
traditional SAP user interfaces can present a challenge as this can be very complicated to these occasional SAP users. Managers have additional
requirements for an effective way to track and approve their employee data without having to enter SAPGUI and they also want a seamless integration of time recording and task management into their calendars in Outlook.

We help our customers to bring HR transactions and processes into the user interfaces their employees are comfortable with and by doing so we see dramatic improvements in customers' employee productivity.

We help the customers to quickly create portals for employees to perform all HR related tasks from almost any device or environment. Just like we did with university of Mississippi, don’t believe us - you can hear it directly from them!  Another example is our out of the box integration between CAT2 for time recording and SharePoint\Outlook with Duet Enterprise.

These are some of the most common business scenarios we see amongst our customers but the limit to what you can do is really just constrained by your imagination!
Thinking about the possibilities of SAP NW Gateway and Duet Enterprise, I like to open my discussions with our customers with the question: “In a perfect
world - how would you like your SAP to run?”

If you have an answer for this question we are here to help you to make your world run better  :smile: