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I am part of the SAP team who has been introducing SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (SAP NetWeaver DSM) to the market since its launch in 2012. I have to admit that while we focused so much on describing the features and capabilities of SAP NetWeaver DSM we missed to provide more practical business examples where this solution can be applied.

Hence, I sat down with my colleagues Wolfgang Schaper and Carsten Ziegler who have a vast experience of real-life SAP NetWeaver DSM use cases from many customer projects they have been involved in. As a result, we documented 10 great SAP NetWeaver DSM use cases (in an anonymized and simplified way).

The goal of this slide deck is really just to give you a sense of the kind of use cases where SAP NetWeaver DSM can potentially be applied. These are of course only a fraction of the potential use cases, but hopefully they serve as an inspiration as you explore where this solution might be able to add value in your organization.

The SAP NetWeaver DSM use cases we documented are the following:

Check it out and please comment to this blog or email us in case you want to know more about a specific use case or in case you would like to share other good SAP NetWeaver DSM use cases.

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