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It has been a long road for some of us and a short one for others. But finally, we are thrilled to announce that SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (NW DSM) is generally available now. After completing all needed KPIs, our whole customer base would be able to leverage the benefits of using an ABAP-based rules platform to bring agility on rules and policies within your business applications.

NetWeaver Decision Service Management as a general purpose rules platform helps you with inherent capabilities such as:

  • user-friendly rules and policy modeling into assets that require NO coding
  • easy deployment for on-going rules evolution and versioning in the hands off non-technical users
  • track all changes so that you can audit these at any time.

The list of benefits do not end there and as a matter of fact, we could write at lenght on more specifics like a central rules authoring repository, remote deployment of rules into the containers where the applications reside, native execution of rules in ABAP, etc. You can find more information on our Rules SCN Space.

The accelerated agility that rules platforms provide are nothing new, but when it is applied in the context of custom development, the value and ROI has a greater magnitude. Rather than relying on database tables to parametrize values and use ABAP code to implement the needed "glue" logic, you can do all this in a single tool simplifying the underlying complexity of doing all by hand. Further ROI is accomplished when you go beyond the 1.0 version of this app needed rules and logic as changes are done at the tip of a click by an authorized person in your organization instead of relying on the good all transport mechanism. You should expect great return by using DSM's technology.

Read more about SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management #sapnwdsm here.

The power of NW DSM is here NOW ! It is NOW up to you to take it to the next level and show your business stakeholders that business and IT can really work together and bring faster and improve value to your companies.

The new kid on the block is here NOW and ready to stay !