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Last time we discussed Schedule an Expert for installations, but what about upgrades? Are you trying to streamline your upgrade process into a one-step upgrade? Need to understand the DMO process in detail? Our award-winning Schedule an Expert service can help with this as well.

What is Schedule an Expert?

In case you missed the introduction to Schedule an Expert in my last blog, this service provides customers a 30-minute Skype session with an SAP product support expert. Because this is a live conversation between you and the expert, there is significantly less ping-pong than a traditional written incident. The benefits of this service are profound – you can talk to a dedicated SAP expert at a time that is convenient for you and get your specific issues resolved faster.

What are the use cases for Schedule an Expert in Upgrades?

Schedule an Expert sessions allow you to ask questions that are specific to your scenario. I recently assisted a customer to solve an issue in Maintenance Planner. After a few incident-based exchanges, I provided the solution to the customer. However, due to the complexity and specific steps that were needed to solve the issue, the customer had follow-up questions and needed a walk-through of the resolution. A Schedule an Expert session was created.

During the session, I helped them understand Maintenance Planner in detail and guided them on the correct process. I also provided them with a few key points to note when generating a stack file to prevent the same issue from reoccurring in future upgrades. At the end of our 30-minute session, the customer was able to generate a valid stack xml file to use with SUM and completed their upgrade on schedule.

Of course, this isn’t the only possible use-case of Schedule an Expert and only serves as an example. Here are few other scenarios where Schedule an Expert could be beneficial to you under the BC-UPG-* component area:

  • Decisions to make when planning for an upgrade (e.g. Can this upgrade be done as a one-step upgrade, feasibility to include DMO in the upgrade, etc.)

  • Performance analysis between development, quality, and production upgrades

  • Assistance with understanding various SUM phases and how to optimize parameters

The scenarios listed above are generally take longer to resolve when created as an incident, but are perfect under the Schedule an Expert service. For more about Schedule an Expert, visit SAP Support Portal.

Start using Schedule an Expert for NetWeaver upgrades today.
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