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Last year this Blog announced the availability of a new add-on for older releases of SAP NetWeaver (SAP NetWeaver, add-on for event enablement), allowing the customers of SAP ECC and similar SAP products based on SAP NetWeaver to enable own events as needed for their integration and extension requirements. This add-on received a lot of attention, many customers started with this add-on their journey to the Event-driven architecture. But customers were also asking the question why we are not supporting the usage of this add-on also for S/4HANA? Of course, there are already events exposed for S/4HANA. But it was not possible to extend these built-in events and create new events for other objects.

Listening to your feedback we are now also releasing the add-on for event enablement on S/4HANA for all customers with a valid support contract without any additional costs. This will help on the one side all the customers who already created own SAP ECC events (especially events with own additional customer specific logic). They can now re-use most of the coding on S/4HANA. And on the other side it will help those customers who are starting today fresh on S/4HANA and who have requirements going beyond the already published events. The add-on will be able to send and receive events from the SAP Event Mesh service.

The Events already available on S/4HANA will continue to be available and will also receive additional enhancements over time. Customers will be able to use both approaches in parallel to send Events over to the SAP Event Mesh service. A migration from one technology to the other will not be possible as both technical implementations are quite different.

More details about the (not so) new AddOn are available here: