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The 2013 Tabby Awards for Business Winners have been announced and SAP took home two of the top 18 mobile tablet apps for business titles!

rakeshg, Senior Director of Mobile Solutions, the one smiling with one of the awards in the picture on the right, went to the TabletBiz conference & expo in New York City earlier this month to pick up some new hardware for the team!

The Tabby Awards celebrates the best in tablet apps with the goal to enable mobile stakeholders such as developers, publishers, and organizations to develop, adopt, and share best practices as they strive to make apps that are better, more productive and more fun for users.

Each app submission is judged based on the overall experience and specifically:

  • Business value for organization (or user),
  • Time saving,
  • Speed,
  • Concept,
  • Navigation,
  • Design,
  • Innovation,
  • Simplicity and ease of use,
  • Use of tablet device functions,
  • Performance (of task)

The list of the judges, criteria and rules are available here.

The SAP Mobile team took home two Tabby Awards. The first for the Consumer Products & Services category and the second for the Healthcare category.

The first Tabby Award for Consumer Products & Services tablet app went to SAP Retail Execution.

Maximize sales effectiveness in the retail channel. The SAP Retail Execution mobile app is designed for sales reps and merchandisers selling consumer packaged goods into retail stores. With this app you can enhance sale rep productivity, provide sales and marketing

teams with critical insights into retail execution and maximize value from the SAP CRM app. By providing anywhere, anytime access to relevant information and functions from mobile devices, this app helps ensure that your brand and product strategies, tactics and objectives are being executed in a consistent and reliable way.

  • Plan and execute visits plus access history of previous visits and orders 
  • Perform surveys and audits to monitor key areas in stores  
  • Create and manage orders and returns 
  • View promotions and campaigns
  • Create service requests and manage trade assets

But let's read what the judges had to say about the mobile app

SAP Retail Execution is a consumer product manufacturer and retail execution app.  “This app literally integrates meetings, contacts and product catalogs with the Android tablet to organize the salesperson with little to no learning curve. The navigation of the app and menus was efficient, good color scheme and design.”

To see why SAP Retail Execution won the consumer project category, download the demo app off SAP Store.

The second Tabby Award for best Healthcare tablet app went to the SAP EMR Unwired mobile app.

Make better-informed decisions and enable collaboration to improve clinical outcomes – while ensuring the privacy and security of patient data. With our mobile patient record apps, SAP EMR Unwired and SAP Clinical Task Tracker, caregivers get a 360° view of their patients wherever they are.

  • Get up-to-date information of all your patients, including findings, charts, images (non-diagnostic quality images), clinical orders, risk factors, demographics, lab results, progress notes, DRG, diagnoses, procedure codes etc.
  • Easy clinical data entry (progress notes, personal memos, clinical tasks).
  • Configure the order of all EMR facets according to your preferences.
  • Easily extend SAP EMR with web pages or HTML5 apps without code changes.
  • This application is powered by SAP Mobile Platform.

Again, let's read what the judges had to say about the mobile app

SAP EMR Unwired is a mobile app for Windows tablets for physicians and nurses, where they can access patient data.  The judges said: “I really like it. It provides a user friendly and innovative approach. I could see this changing the game for healthcare practices. This app enables medical staff to pull digital assets, records, and documents on-demand.”

You can experience the SAP EMR Unwired mobile app for yourself. Download here.

You can access all of the judge comments on the TabTimes website here.

Congratulations to the SAP Mobile Team for these accomplishments in mobile innovation.