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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Mobile Enthusiasts,


By now, you might have signed up for latest openSAP course Developing Mobile Apps with SAP HANA Cloud Platform .My impression to this course is that it is aimed for developers who are interested in developing mobile apps using latest technologies like SAP Web IDE, SAP Hybrid App toolkit (HAT), HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services (HCPms) by incorporating various mobile features. Good start to learn all these latest SAP mobile offerings.


This course started with 'system preparation' where instructors jeff.gebo and dhimantpatel told us how to set an HCP trial landscape with following components (best part about this course is that you dont need to download and install many softwares - I know installing HAT is still a pain but there are plenty of troubleshooting tips have been given in one of the guides)


  • HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services

  • HANA Cloud Portal -  flpportal

  • SAP Web IDE


(Also subscription to SAP Mobile Secure, SMP Mobile SDK, HAT FREE trial account)


I had been having issues with HAT installation for its earlier releases (before 1.9.4) it never worked for me on my windows machine, but with HAT 1.9.4 it worked well (of course you have to upgrade to cordova 5.2.0 and node 0.12.7)


And then,Jeff went on talking about SAP Mobile strategy explaining each component in detail and assured now it has become easy to mobilize a business scenario with cloud/on-premise offerings. Cool part was there was some reference links mentioned in slides to explore more about.

Big thing about the Cloud is innovate. You're going to be able to focus on your innovations, rather than dealing with configuring your back-end systems.                                                                                         




(reference: openSAP course)


valterjose.araujojunior noticed Jeff closely. :wink:           


SAP Fiori is a great way to get started with SAP Mobility. There were bunch of information Jeff explained about SAP HCP deployment options i was not knowing before. Looking forward for Week 2 (SAP Web IDE development for Fiori Apps).



Troubleshooting Tips: (my findings with Windows machine/Android Emulator)


1. Use latest Hybrid App toolkit 1.9.7 whats new , cordova 5.2, node js 0.12.7 (Index of /dist/v0.12.7/))

2. Use latest SMP SDK SP10

3. You might experience build failed

  • Make sure you have set up android path in PATH enviorment variables

  • Should have created atleast on AVD

  • Windows user shouldn't have special characters in its name. e.g. Dávid

  • Android SDK installation path shouldn't be too long

  • Unable to start the daemon process. This problem might be caused by incorrect configuration of the daemon. Error occurred during initialization of VMCould not reserve enough space for object heap Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. >> try to delete .gradle dir (C:\Users\WinUser\ .gradle), restart computer and run installer again? you may need to set java heap-size


4.  Web IDE is still loading>>

Open Web IDE portal in a private/incognito window  by adding '?settings=ignore' to the end of the url



5. Error Cannot read property 'addNodeForDocument' of null >>

Open Web IDE portal in a private/incognito window  by adding '?settings=ignore' to the end of the url



6. Retrieving X_CSRF_Token! Status code:403 Forbidden >> This is a known issue sometime popped up while opening HCPms portal. Workaround is clear browser caches and cookies. Open it in a browser private/incoganito window.


6.1 XCSRF Token is not available, further create, update, delete operation will fail



looks like a Chrome issue where Chrome isn't fully shutting down, in the task menu area on Windows make sure the Chrome icon is no longer displayed there and that it is fully shut down. Once you have ensured the Chrome process is no longer running, launch it again and try to access the HCPms admin UI.  (Reference openSAP discussion)


7. HTTP Status 400 - Request is invalid. type Status report message Request is invalid. description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect. >> Register again for trial again and then try


8. Not able to find 'SAP UI5 Master Detail Kapsel App' template>> Tools>Preference>Plugins>optional plugins>add plugin

9. Not able to see different form factors, other bars/buttons (where you can select large/medium/small/custom) in preview mode>> right click project> project settings>Run configurations>Web application> Open with frame


10. While setting up HAT, check bower version close the Command prompt directly> make sure to have C:\Windows\System32 in your system PATH.

11. Timeout error (e.g. an asset error) on Emulator > Increase loadUrlTimeout value to 99999999 under project>.project.json . And then redeploy the project to android emulator


12. 'Test Connection' in the HAT throws an error Connection failure. Console log says: is not allowed > You might have skipped providing web ide url while HAT installation. You can edit the HAT config manually. In the HAT installation folder, open config.json file, and look for an entry for "webidehosts" . Enter Web ide url, restart HAT.


13. Should explore Fiori App reference library for any key information for any app: Installation (Front-end components, Back-end components), configuration, extension.

14. The previous command is not yet finished > You can try after restarting HAT. close HAT command window, refresh web ide url in the browser, start HAT and then deploy




You can ask your queries in discussion section of this course.


For more info,follow

SMP and HCPms: SMP Developer Center

SAP Web IDE, SAP HAT : SAPUI5 Developer Center

SAP HCP : SAP HANA Cloud Platform Developer Center

SAP HANA Cloud portal: SAP HANA Cloud Portal


Week 2: SAP Web IDE deep dive-openSAP-Developing mobile apps with HCP-Week 2

Week 3: Its all about SAP Fiori Client -openSAP-Developing mobile apps with HCP-Week 3

Week 4:  #HCPms helps you in mobilizing Fiori Apps -openSAP-Developing mobile apps with HCP-Week 4

Week 5: Run your mobile app in offline and best practices-openSAP-Developing mobile apps with HCP-Week 5

Week 6: Secure your mobile-openSAP-Developing mobile apps with HCP-Week 6