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Are you ready to try the new SAP Mobile Start App? I’ll drive you through in-app demo mode in this blog so that you can get an overview of the mobile experience. Just follow the instructions marked in bold on your phone.

Prerequisite: To start the demo, please download the “SAP Mobile Start” App from one of the stores:

Link to App Store

Link to Play Store

The following demo is based on the iOS version.

Open the app and just click “Try the Demo” and we can start! Note that this in-app demo allows you to go through the app to feel the experience but without an SAP S/4HANA environment as back end. Therefore, you might see the Fiori Catalog Page, but in your daily life you will see the UI5 apps so that you can perform your business tasks.


SAP Mobile Start offers tailored content for each mobile user. Today, and for this in-app demo, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a Project Manager. As a Project Manager, you are responsible for the successful delivery of your projects, tracking the projects, engaging your teams, and regularly traveling to visit your customers.

Let’s imagine you are on a business trip. You start your day in the hotel, and you want to get the latest update on your project before meeting with an important customer – you open the SAP Mobile Start App and you already have a glimpse on your notifications, your main apps and important news articles.



Notification Center

You will receive all your updates in your personal notifications section. In this demo mode, several notifications have been received. To access your notification center, you click on the top clock (showing 6 new items on the top right hand corner) - you swipe down to see all the available notifications. You notice an issue with a blocked invoice – you simply click on the item to get more details and you can quickly take an action to ensure the partner is paid without delay.

Returning to the main page (Click on Close on the top left corner), you scroll down and get the latest news about SAP solutions.



On your device, SAP Mobile Start Widgets give you a view on the projects directly from your Home Screen. You can configure them very quickly: Go to the Widget Menu (from the Home Screen of your iPhone, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until all apps jiggle. Tap the Add (+) button in the upper-left corner). You can then search for “Start” in the widget list or scroll through the different widgets. Select “Start”. Choose the “Business Info Widget” and click on “Add Widget”. Now, you have your business information on your home screen.


Between meetings, and every time you’re using your phone, you see your open items,where your action is needed. On the home screen you see a summary of “My Inbox” and the number of open items. Has something new appeared on the widget?  Click on it to get more details and perform the requested tasks to avoid delaying your business process. Want to change the content of the widget? Just touch and hold the widget, click on “Edit widget” and you can change the content displayed there and use the most relevant one for your next project. You can also add another widget type, like the News widget to show latest news of your company.

Later, you are getting ready for your team call. Like every day, you need clear insights into the planned and actual effort for all resources assigned to your project. On  the Start menu of Mobile Start, scroll down to “Most Used Apps” ... Swipe right, click on “Project Factsheet” and you can access the Project Information on SAP S/4HANA from SAP Mobile Start.

Later in the day, you notice the meeting has been longer than expected. You need to update your train ticket for a later train. You then click on the “Application” button in the bottom of the screen, scroll down and click on “My Travel App”. Click “Open” on the pop-up, you are now logged in the SAP Concur App, and you update your train ticket. You follow the next steps later on to upload your expense receipts in SAP Concur.


Manage your Workflows Approval with SAP Task Center

While waiting for your train back home, you work on workflow approvals. Thanks to SAP Task Center integration in SAP Mobile Start, you have them at a fingertip, even in the train station. For this, you click on the third tab of the App: you see the open requests. Swipe down, you see them grouped by Task Categories. Swipe down to the “Time Off Requests” section, you see a team member’s request for vacation. You discussed it already and agree with it. Click on the “…” icon, a new approval screen opens: Click on Approve, edit the comment (“Enjoy your time off!”) and send it over (click on “Done”) – SAP SuccessFactors request is now approved!

You’re back on the Approval list and swipe up: you see a Job Posting request to approve. Before approving such an important request, you review it closely. Click on the card, once open you swipe down to access the details. You also check the Attachments: swipe downclick on the file name and the document opens. You notice a typo! Click back, swipe down and click on Reject. You want to have it fixed! Choose a reject reason and write a comment to explain the typo. Click on “Done”: the request is updated on SAP Fieldglass. The colleague will soon modify the file and you will receive a new request for your approval.




Spotlight Search

While you are finally in the train on your way back, you need to approve a leave request raised by one of your team members. To access the application quickly, you are using the integrated Spotlight Search from iOS: by swiping down in the home screen, you then type in “Factsheets” in the “Search” field, click on the search result and directly access the app.

Afterwards, you search for “Timesheets” and manage your timesheets. And you only need to type the first few letters, then the right apps are proposed for you.


Before ending your business day, you still need to review the open tasks your team is working on. In the “Application” section, you swipe down and get the search menu: type in “task”, click on the My Project Tasks App, and launch SAP Project Companion App, another native SAP application targeted for you as Project Manager that you can demo and use to work more efficiently!

We hope you enjoyed this demo, and we look forward to your comments.

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