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When we launched SAP Mobile Start last year, we started this series of blog posts to showcase the functionalities it provides to different end users and personas. This series continues for SAP TechEd 2022. Let us today look at two personas from the Environmental, Health and Safety area: The Industrial Hygienist and the Environmental Engineer. This blog post will show you how SAP Mobile Start can help to facilitate the daily tasks for those two personas and significantly improve their mobile experience and way of working.


The Industrial Hygienist as a Mobile Persona

The Industrial Hygienist is focused on upholding safety standards for employees, assessing safety conditions, mitigating risks and managing safety incidents. The Industrial Hygienist tends to work in a rather hybrid working model. Often times, the Industrial Hygienist works at the desk, conducting incident investigations, preparing audits and working on reporting. However, due to the nature of the job, the Industrial Hygienist also spends lot of time on the factory site, doing control inspections, getting updates from the sites or conducting audits. For all of those tasks it is crucial to have a mobile device that ensures the Industrial Hygienist has all information required. In addition, it is of utmost importance for the Industrial Hygienist to be informed about any incidents on the site as quick as possible, which is why the Industrial Hygienist relies on being available anywhere and anytime.


The Environmental Engineer as a Mobile Persona

The Environmental Engineer works towards minimizing the organization's environmental impact, compliance with regulations and preventing negative environmental impacts. The workstyle of an Environmental Engineer includes both mobile and desktop work. The Environmental Engineer monitors data from operations, ensures that the company is compliant with regulations, manages deviations and handles possible and actual incidents. Additionally, the Environmental Engineer spends a decent part of the daily work time on site. Taking readings and updating the data in the system, conducting inspections of equipment and the site and ensuring that all operations on site are compliant with the regulations – all of those activities require the presence of the Environmental Engineer on site.


Introducing SAP Mobile Start

SAP Mobile Start is the new native entry point to the Intelligent Enterprise on mobile devices. It provides users with an enhanced mobile access to SAP applications, web content, data, and news feeds to quickly address their daily work – anywhere and anytime.

Users can benefit from persona-tailored content, which will be easy to consume and optimized for mobile situations. SAP Mobile Start can be set up and configured to user needs by IT administrators. It allows users to stay up to date on mobile devices and act immediately on critical business situations. The app offers integration with business applications, enabling higher productivity, and is a key asset to help ensure business continuity directly from mobile devices.

Furthermore, SAP Mobile Start offers a deep integration with native mobile device capabilities such as widgets, notifications or spotlight search.


Improving the Mobile Experience for Industrial Hygienists

SAP Mobile Start as the native entry point to SAP gives the Industrial Hygienist the possibility to access all relevant tasks, information, and updates quickly.

Monitoring the EHS tasks, managing incidents or viewing the task calendar on a mobile device has never been easier. Also, the reporting of incidents from any place adds real value to the daily life of the Industrial Hygienist.

Bringing together the business process capabilities of the SAP Fiori applications on mobile and the native mobile features such as push notifications or widgets ensures that the Industrial Hygienist can use the mobile device every day to fulfill all tasks properly to ensure the most important thing – making sure that all employees can go home as healthy and safe as they arrived.


SAP Mobile Start for the Industrial Hygienist


Improving the Mobile Experience for Environmental Engineers

SAP Mobile Start as the native entry point to SAP enables the Environmental Engineer to conduct all relevant tasks on site as efficient as possible. Having all information available, recording data directly into the system instead of writing them down on paper and documenting the results of inspections help the Environmental Engineer to organize the daily work efficiently.

Merging the business processes through the SAP Fiori applications on the mobile device with the native mobile features such as push notifications or widgets leads to a modern mobile experience for the Environmental Engineer and helps the user to cope successfully with the tasks of the day.


SAP Mobile Start for the Environmental Engineer


Integration of SAP Task Center

With Task Center integration in SAP Mobile Start the user will have access to all workflow tasks in one screen. Tasks can be processed with just one click and now the user no longer need to install numerous Inboxes from various applications. This will reduce the time spent by approvers and improve the approval time for critical items. By providing a dedicated screen to access the tasks and notifications, the user has one place to easily process all their “to-do”s.

My colleague Ivan Chaushev describes all details regarding SAP Task Center in his blog post.


Learn More

For more information about the SAP Mobile Start app, check out the SAP Mobile Experience community page


Downloading the App

You can download SAP Mobile Start free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and test out the features using the integrated offline demo.

We look forward to your comments. Stay up to date with latest news and post your questions or feedback about SAP Mobile Start in the Q&A area. Start by visiting your SAP Mobile Experience community page and click “follow”. We’ll be publishing more informative blog posts. Want to be notified? Check your #communications to ensure you have your notifications activated.