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SAP Mobile Start is the mobile entry point to the Intelligent Enterprise. Last year, we have shown you how SAP Mobile Start helps the People Manager and the Employee to conduct their daily tasks and work more effectively, all supported by a modern native application that provides all relevant business information in one place. For more details on the personas of the People Manager and the Employee, please refer to this blog post.



Today, on the occasion of the upcoming SAP TechEd 2022, we want to introduce two more personas that can benefit from SAP Mobile Start. This blog post will give you insights into SAP Mobile Start for the Hiring Manager and the Temporary Worker.


The Hiring Manager as a mobile persona

The Hiring Manager is the person who is hiring the new employee into the company and is the future manager that particular employee. The job requisition is initiated by the Hiring Manager and the corresponding vacant position is owned by the Hiring Manager.

During the hiring process, the Hiring Manager regularly checks his/her mobile device to stay up to date with all relevant activities and work-related updates. Close contact to the recruiting team is necessary to ensure that new candidates can be sourced effectively and to guarantee an effective hiring process.

As every manager, the Hiring Manager is a mobile persona that needs to have the relevant information available regardless of their location to be able to make the best decisions for the company when required. For more details on the generic Manager persona and SAP Mobile Start for the Manager, please refer to this blog post.


The Temporary Worker as a mobile persona

The Temporary Worker is a temporarily assigned individual, employed by a third party, who performs a service for a buyer as defined in the job posting or scope of work.

While the concrete tasks of the Temporary Workers differ and depend on the specifics of their work, all of them have fulfill some administrative tasks for documentation purposes. It is important for the Temporary Worker to be able to focus on the daily tasks and not having to invest too much time on administrative, non-productive tasks. Administrative tasks include e.g. time recording, claiming expenses or checking the payslip.


Introducing SAP Mobile Start

SAP Mobile Start is the new native entry point to the Intelligent Enterprise on mobile devices. It provides users with an enhanced mobile access to SAP applications, web content, data, and news feeds to quickly address their daily work – anywhere and anytime.

Users can benefit from persona-tailored content, which will be easy to consume and optimized for mobile situations. SAP Mobile Start can be set up and configured to user needs by IT administrators. It allows users to stay up to date on mobile devices and act immediately on critical business situations. The app offers integration with business applications, enabling higher productivity, and is a key asset to help ensure business continuity directly from mobile devices.

Furthermore, SAP Mobile Start offers a deep integration with native mobile device capabilities such as widgets, notifications or spotlight search.


Improving the Mobile Experience for the Hiring Manager and the Temporary Worker

In order to manage the hiring process effectively, the Hiring Manager benefits from SAP Mobile Start as the central mobile application that allows accessing the different source systems and applications Through deeplinks to the respective end system, the Hiring Manager can quickly jump from SAP Mobile Start to another system and return to the central mobile entry point afterwards again. By leveraging native features like widgets and push notifications, the Hiring Manager will always have access to all information and updates and can react quickly on new candidates or new activities. Also the approval process to approve new candidates or approve an offer can help to accelerate the hiring process.

SAP Mobile start allows the Temporary Worker to access all systems and applications required to effectively conduct all necessary administrative and documentation tasks. By seamlessly integrating both the required web applications as well as the native applications such as SAP Concur or SAP Fieldglass, the Temporary Worker can quickly find the relevant applications. Using native features such as the push notifications ensures that the Temporary Worker never forgets to submit the timesheets in time and enables the Temporary Worker to quickly react on any kind of unforeseen events.

SAP Mobile Start for the Hiring Manager



SAP Mobile Start for the Temporary Worker


Integration of SAP Task Center

With Task Center integration in SAP Mobile Start the user will have access to all workflow tasks in one screen. Tasks can be processed with just one click and now the user no longer need to install numerous Inboxes from various applications. This will reduce the time spent by approvers and improve the approval time for critical items. By providing a dedicated screen to access the tasks and notifications, the user has one place to easily process all their “to-do”s.


My colleague Ivan Chaushev describes all details regarding SAP Task Center in his blog post.


Learn More

For more information about the SAP Mobile Start app, check out the SAP Mobile Experience community page


Downloading the App

You can download SAP Mobile Start free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and test out the features using the integrated offline demo.

We look forward to your comments. Stay up to date with latest news and post your questions or feedback about SAP Mobile Start in the Q&A area. Start by visiting your SAP Mobile Experience community page and click “follow”. We’ll be publishing more informative blog posts. Want to be notified? Check your #communications to ensure you have your notifications activated.