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Since SAP Mobile Start released for iOS last fall, we have seen huge market demand for the app and have also received an incredible number of inquiries about the availability of SAP Mobile Start for Android, with customers being eager to bring the new SAP Mobile Start experience to all their employees.

Motivated by this early customer demand, we worked tirelessly over the last couple of months to build a brand-new Android application based on the latest Google and SAP technologies.

Today, I am excited to announce that SAP Mobile Start is available for Android, bringing the intelligent enterprise to the fingertips of all our end-users!


Feature Overview

SAP Mobile Start is the first generally available Android app released by SAP that features the latest Horizon visual theme for SAP Fiori, offering our users a new working experience that looks and feels more approachable, friendly, easy to use, and modern.

The app is available for both phone and tablet and offers the same great value as the already available iOS version:

A start experience
that promotes apps and news that are relevant to you in the moment, based on your individual usage patterns. The Start Screen will give you fast access to your most important apps and information and will continue to evolve going forward.

Access all your applications
on the Application Screen. Find all your native and mobile-optimized web apps including SAP Fiori apps and news feeds in the structure you are already familiar with from your SAP Fiori launchpad. Use the built-in search to immediately find and launch the app you are looking for, including all apps assigned to you in the application catalogue based on your role. Android users will feel right at home with the familiar search pattern and possibility to launch recent searches. Relevant news sources allow you to stay up to date on news about your company, industry, or business domain.

Never miss a business-critical situation: Native notifications and business widgets
We embraced the latest features offered by Android and provide powerful native mobile capabilities, that will allow our users to make faster and better-informed decisions.
Never miss an important notification and take action anywhere and anytime through native push notifications federated from various solutions.
Visit the brand new in-app Notification Center to check on notifications you might have missed or that you want to revisit.
Finally, monitor important business measures and news with widgets right from your home screen.

Task Center Integration
Also available right from the start (no pun intended) is the SAP Task Center integration.
It provides a seamless experience for handling your tasks from various backends in one consolidated view on the To Do screen, allowing you to access and complete your critical tasks anytime and anywhere and dramatically speeding up decision processes and workflows.
Please visit this blog post by my colleague ivan.chaushev to learn more about SAP Task Center.

For an overview of the latest features that were added to iOS and Android in this release, visit June 2022: SAP Mobile Start brings Android version and much more by thilo.berndt.



Start- and Application Screen incl. Search

To Do Screen and Task Details

Dark Mode, Widgets and Notification Center

Application Screen on Tablet

Get started

SAP Mobile Start offers several ways to get started right-away:

  • Check out the demo mode to get a first overview of the app’s features and look & feel including widgets

  • Onboard to your enterprise landscape by scanning the QR-code available from your SAP Mobile Start-enabled SAP Fiori launchpad or

  • Get onboarded automatically via an MDM-configuration (mobile device management) provided by your admin

If your landscape is already set-up for use with the iOS version, all that should be left is to add and assign your “native Android” apps on the Site Manager, making them available in SAP Mobile Start. That’s it!

For more information on the general setup of SAP Mobile Start, please read What is SAP Mobile Start by thilo.berndt.


Available today

SAP Mobile Start is available for phones and tablets and has been tested on a wide range of Android devices and OS versions, including Google Pixel- and Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Head over to the Google Play Store today to download and try our brand new app!


What’s next

We will continue to close the gap to the iOS version and plan to bring the latest to-dos to the start experience next. Going forward, we then plan to release new features in close alignment with our iOS sister-app.

To stay up-to-date on the next innovations, please refer the latest SAP Mobile Start roadmap on the SAP Road Map Explorer.


Post your questions or feedback about SAP Mobile Start in the Q&A area. Start by visiting your SAP Mobile Applications topic page and click “follow”. We’ll be publishing more informative blog posts. Want to be notified? Check your #communications to ensure you have your settings activated.