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SAP Mobile Start – brings the Intelligent Enterprise to every mobile SAP user

New work styles in digital business

Over the past years, working styles have been drastically changing in many industries. Mobile is becoming the prevailing experience and a critical driver for process innovation. In the coming years, business processes will become increasingly automated. Decisions will be made even faster without being in an office or at a desk. Data generated by intelligent, connected devices will reshape the core processes for many industries.

What does not change is that people need to be at the heart of processes and software alike. This calls for experiences that truly matter to them and help them get their job or tasks done. Anytime, anywhere, regardless of their work style. This is often overlooked when talking about business or IT processes in general.


Frontline business challenges

Business content, apps, and tasks need to be intuitively accessible for users in one place. People need to stay informed, take action, and dive into their work – no matter where they are or what time of the day it is. This experience needs to feel personal, relevant, and frictionless across all devices. Just like you would expect it from using apps in your private life.

During the course of a workday, users encounter numerous so-called micro-experiences that differ based on their work and responsibilities. These individual interactions are the basis for completing daily tasks and can be repetitive or constantly changing. Think of situations like approving a requisition, responding to customerqueries, reviewing financial statements, submitting a leave request, or planning a trip.

To serve different role types in the best possible way, SAP is using value engineering to define a mobile-first portfolio that combines similar functionality of different apps and helps ensure the right user experience. Consistency across desktop and web experiences is taken into account for infrequent mobile users. Each work context is being addressed with pre-built integration, on-device intelligence, and highly tuned workflows and collaboration capabilities.

Take a warehouse clerk as an example. In this role, mobile solutions need to support all daily tasks, ranging from unloading to picking, packing, and shipping. Optimized business processes and workflows should minimize unnecessary user interaction. This is where latest on-device technology comes into play, using features such as a matrix scan to read multiple barcodes at once, real-time insights through augmented reality overlays, and optimized routes through the warehouse with indoor navigation.

SAP Mobile Start – Business value proposition

SAP Mobile Start is the native entry point into the Intelligent Enterprise suite. It serves as your daily companion and provides all required business processes and data in one mobile application you need to deliver your day-to-day activities on mobile devices. It also keeps you informed in case a critical business situation occurs and allows you to find your most important business apps quickly.

  • Deliver all day-to-day activities with your mobile device

SAP Mobile Start integrates into SAP S/4HANA and allows the customer to make all relevant mobile optimized web and native applications available to the end user within one app, based on each persona’s requirements.

We have put together example configurations for some of the most important mobile personas which you can find on the SAP Mobile Start Community page. Have a look at one of persona example for the Finance Manager.

  • Never miss a business critical situationNative notifications, business widgets and approval workflows.
    Be up to date on latest information from your business systems. Ensure that you don‘t miss any important task, take direct action – anywhere and anytime. SAP Mobile Start supports you with native notifications and business widgets right on your device´s home screen. You decide on how many and which widgets you prefer to see and work with. SAP Mobile Start leverages the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) notification service (integrated in SAP Launchpad service) that can federate notifications from various solutions, so that they can be presented to you in one uniform list: the notification center.

  • Find your apps immediately: Native device search
    Instead of spending time searching for the right app, SAP Mobile Start allows you to search and open your native and web-based SAP apps directly through the native device search, such as the Apple Spotlight Search. It indexes your web-optimized apps and then leverages to device search capabilities.

  • Easy and intuitive interaction: Voice Commands Using Siri Shortcuts
    SAP Mobile Start enables you to check your overdue receivables or the days sales outstanding (DSO) figures via Siri voice commands. You can create a new voice command using Apple Shortcuts. You can find more information in the SAP Mobile Start for iOS – User Guide.

For more information have a look at our SAP Mobile Start video or our SAP Mobile Start road map on theSAP Road Map Explorer.


How to set-up SAP Mobile Start within your company

To ensure that you get SAP Mobile Start up and running quickly, we have provided blogs which deliver a step-by-step guidance on how to set up and configure the required steps. We start with the basics like connecting you SAP S/4HANA systems but also covered more advanced aspects like the configuration settings. If something is missing, let us know by posting a feedback in the SAP Mobile Start Communitypage using “SAP Mobile Start” tag.

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  1. Setting Up SAP Launchpad Service and  SAP Mobile Start with Content Federation

  1. Configuration: Adding native apps to your content

  1. Enabling notifications for SAP Mobile Start and SAP Launchpad Service

  1. Configuration: Adding feed tiles to the app content

  1. Configuration: Use the Business Info Widget to monitor your business directly from home screen

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