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We are pleased to announce that SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP07) was released for download on SAP Service Marketplace on 18th of April 2015.

We are delivering new capabilities in the following three big areas:

  • Developer Experience
  • Expansion of Fiori capabilities
  • Enhancements around readiness for production deployment

The enhancements for “Developer Experience” are around the integration Services and an enhanced Push

API. For the Integration Services the performance and functionality was enhanced. This enables, for example, developers to do deep inserts to any level on the JDBC connector. With deep inserts the developer can now insert a parent with several children with a single call into the Database.

The second enhancements are around the Push API. Customers can now send push notifications to mobile applications they have purchased of the shelf. With the integration of the HCPms Push Hub customers can now maintain their push certificates in a central place and enabling them to send push notifications through the HCPms push hub. This way customer can avoid having to recompile of the shelf mobile applications to get their push certificates into the applications and enable push notifications. For Example if a customer buys a Fiori application, which is push enabled. The HCPms Push Hub would allow the customer to run the Fiori application inside the Fiori container against the SMP and still send Push notifications to the Fiori application. And this can be done without having to add the customer specific certificate to the Fiori container with the HCPms Push Hub.

We also continue with our enhancements around development and operation of mobile Fiori apps. With

the new Service Pack 07, Administrators are enabled to control certain mobile features remotely. In Fiori and Fiori style Applications, which run in the Apache Cordova container (with the Kapsel plugins), the Administrator can control with the feature restriction Policy which features are available during runtime. This enables the

Administrator to react to security threads during runtime of the Application.

In the area readiness for production deployment we expanded the support for Relay Server, which now supports all applications developed with the SAP SMP SDK. We also further enhanced the HttpAuthentication LoginModule to full support SMP to authenticate through proxy. This enables our customers now to operate the SMP in different network zones than the Authentication Service.

You can consult the SMP PAM on Service Marketplace for details (SMP3 PAM (access to the Service Market Place is needed)).


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