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Hello SAP Mobile Platform Community,

I am very pleased to announce that SAP Education has just released a new global instructor-led course that is designed to focus on the new administration features of the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 and latest support pack - MOB10: SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP03) Administration.  The course is a 2-day class is targeted at system and platform administrators, developers with an administration knowledge requirement, and useful to solution architects. However, it is also valuable to anyone with SMP 3.0 system administration responsibilities. Please note that the same instructor-led content will also be available as an eLearning (MOB10e) in a couple of weeks. The eLearning contains SAP WPB exercise simulations, videos of talented SMEs discussing each topic, assessments, and demonstrations of each exercise and much more. You can now register for MOB10 as an instructor-led class near you by visiting the SAP webshop or purchase the eLearning version of the course when it is available (search for MOB10e on the SAP Education webshop).

What is covered in the MOB10/MOB10e course?

For starters, you will learn how to plan, prepare, install and administer SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP03. You will explore the platform's administration architecture, how learn how to design and implement a configuration that best meets your organization's needs, as well as learn ow to perform standard every-day administrative tasks such as deployment and configuration of mobile apps developed on Agentry, Native device platforms, Mobiliser, Hybrid and Kapsel-based apps. You will continue to learn post deployment configurations, registration of application users, and so on. Use of the new SMP 3.0 SP03 Management Cockpit will be a major part of this course.

As an example of some of the new features covered in MOB10, let’s look at the packaging and deployment approach between pre-SMP 3.0 and SAP Mobile Platform 3.0:

Firstly, note that SAP Mobiliser applications were packaged as customization solutions using the SAP mobiliser frameworks. SAP Agentry (a.k.a. metadata-driven) apps, in turn, had their own packaging and deployment approach in pre-SMP 3.0. With SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, SMP and Agentry packaging and deployment are consolidated into a single approach:

In SMP 3.0, all services will be packaged and deployed via the provisioning system - Equinox P2 Provisioning.  Using the SMP P2 feature, administrators can make provisioning for the packaging process more formal, repeatable and therefore re-usable. A section on migrating Agentry Apps created prior to SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is also included in MOB10 to help you take full advantage of the new packaging and deployment features of SMP 3.0.

Another important topic for system and platform administrators is High-Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) of your mobility landscape. The course devotes quite a significant amount of time discussing HA and DR in great detail. You will learn the most effective high availability and disaster recovery scenarios to ensure that all your applications running on SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 continue to run with the utmost minimum downtime. The course discusses stand-by scenarios as well, to improve stand-by & redundancy and therefore reduce or even eliminate the chances of any downtime or data loss at all.

These are just a few topics that each administrator will learn in the MOB10: SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP03) Administration course. Be sure to check out the description and look for a public schedule near you. If you cannot find a schedule, be sure to use the Contact Us feature on the webshop and make a request to add this class to the schedule. For those of you who are already subscribers to SAP Learning Hub, know that the course material will be available in SAP Learning Hub for your peruse, and in about two weeks so will the eLearning version. But you have to be a full subscriber of the SAP Learning Hub to access the content.

SAP Mobile Platform Education in the SAP Learning Hub:

SAP Education offers multiple delivery formats and learning solutions. If you find that attending a live classroom poses a time and financial challenge, SAP Education introduces the all new SAP Learning Hub, the on demand learning platform from SAP. All SAP course content is also available in the SAP Learning Hub, including all new SAP Mobile Platform courses. If you are not sure that SAP Learning Hub is the right solution for you, SAP Education offers a FREE access to select courses via SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition. In the free edition, you can explore and assess the free content available to you. Get started– register for free access to SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition, and begin to experience the benefits for yourself. Click here to register

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Thank you and wishing you all success with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.

Best regards,