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On October 22, SAP released the new SP03 for SAP Mobile Documents.

SAP Mobile Documents is SAP's solution for mobile content management and file sharing. You can mobilize your personal business documents, enterprise content, and even content out of your SAP's business applications. SAP brings a whole set of great new features to all SAP Mobile Documents users. Besides many improvements the main new features are:

Business Suite Integration

The ABAP CMIS connector enables ABAP applications to expose a CMIS interface to SAP Mobile Documents. Content stored and/or managed in an ABAP system can be retrieved via SAP Mobile Documents. The ABAP CMIS server can provide any kind of folder hierarchy and any kind of meta data.

URL Scheme for Application Integration

You can build URLs that perform actions in the SAP Mobile Documents app and that can be used for app to app integration or as links in emails.

Pushing Content to Devices

Content managers and administrators can collaborate to synchronize content to a user's device or to the devices of a role-based subset of users. This is to ensure that the pushed content is available to all intended recipients in your company independent of the individual user's sync settings.

Online & Offline Search

The SAP Mobile Documents mobile app enables you to search online and offline for files and folders in any repository and browse in the search results fast and easy.

Document Versioning

The SAP Mobile Documents web client allows you to create new versions of a file, access previous versions, delete any of the versions stored, and restore a new file to a previous version. Versioning in SAP Mobile Documents is also helpful for teamwork, where you are collaborating with colleagues on projects and the content goes through several iterations of improvement and review. This way, you can track the file history and the development of the final version.

Meta Data

Meta Data can be retrieved from the repository and displayed in the SAP Mobile Documents client.

In our updated overview presentation you will find more details on SAP Mobile Documents, its various clients, features and functionality. For technical details check out the "What's new - release notes" in the documentation.

Download the new version

The new version of SAP Mobile Documents is available on the SAP Marketplace, in Apple's App Store, and the Google Play store. You will find the download links on -> Site Map -> Download.

Stay tuned to this blog series to learn more about the new and exciting features.