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just an small update on the work I'm doing with SAP MDG and SAP Information Steward integration: Last week I invested some time in getting the SSO working on an internal system. The good news is:

1. Its working as expected

2. Its pretty simple to configure the SSO.


SAP MDG comes with a DQR (Data Quality Remediation) scenario (see here: In general you can integrate any Data Quality tool into this framework. Most of the time I have used SAP Information Steward but i have never tested the SSO between both stacks. The disadvantage of not having SSO configured is that the end users have manually login each time the DQ-dashboard comes up in the SAP MDG User Interface for DQR. With a configured SSO between both stack the users get automatically logged in into the dashboard! - Big advantage, big simplification!

What to do?

On high level you need to do the following steps:

  1. Define a authentication system in CMC - A wizard exists
  2. Generate and import certificates -  with SAP tools provides in your SAP Information Steward installation
  3. Define SSO in your configuration of SAP Information Steward
  4. Restart Tomcat/ Web Server of SAP Information Steward
  5. Define SAP ERP/MDG roles to be SSO'ed in SAP Information Steward
  6. Give the SAP users the correct right in SAP Information Steward

Instead of writing again a guide I would like to mention these detailed guides:

Want to see a demo?

if you want to see a demo, please contact your local SAP contact person The scenario is configured in our sapdemocloud (

Best Regards