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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, business enterprises around the world are facing extreme challenges – from resource backlogs to business continuity challenges. Customers have been interacting more and more with their businesses remotely and by necessity and the need for agility and automation is at its peak due to limited manpower to run manual operations.

Hence to capture customer's automation requirements and use of the new intelligent technologies tools like Robotic Process Automation and business process management, we introduce the Intelligent Technology Assessment (ITA) tool for SAP MaxAttention customers.

The SAP MaxAttention Intelligent Technology Assessment (ITA) tool captures customer automation needs in their line of business and intelligently map SAP MaxAttention service delivery offerings.


  • Digitize and automate questionnaire process

  • Understand customer situation, automation requirements, and landscape details

  • Enable record of communication to achieve end-to-end transparency

  • Intelligently map SAP MaxAttention service delivery offerings

  • Improve customer experience and overall satisfaction

  • Drawing logical conclusions based on the customer inputs

This assessment tool is built to cover Intelligent Innovation topics such as Intelligent Robotic Process Automation & Intelligent Business Process Management (IBPM), etc. SAP Robotic Process Automation (RPA) accelerates digital transformation of business processes by automatically replicating tedious actions that have no added value. With this, customers can gain newer speed, compliance, efficiency and do more with their existing resources by focusing on high value activities. Intelligent Assessment covers different automation personas aiming to draw a logical conclusion on customer needs and finally defining a holistic roadmap on how MaxAttention intelligent Technology services can accelerate digital transformation journey.

Intelligent Assessment is applicable and can be facilitated by following key members:

  • Customers

  • SAP MaxAttention PE Front office teams (EA, TQM)

  • IDG CoE Engagement member supporting front office teams

  • MaxAttention sales

  • Solution Center

Automation Assessment Features:

  • Customer registration process with proper consent and disclaimers

  • Progress Bar

  • Jump to Category navigator

  • Additional Comments can be added

  • Forward and backward navigation

  • Draft version feature (customer can save partially filled questionnaire)

  • Input validations & automation preparation checks for each selected category

  • Support Group concept (for multiple user scenarios)

  • Lock Functionality is enabled when multiple users are updating

  • Email notifications

On-boarding Steps:

  • Customer is on-boarded to Intelligent Technology Assessment by the Administrator

  • Customer receives email notification

  • After completing registration, customer get access to the Intelligent Questionnaire

  • Questionnaire structure: Context defines the Automation situation. Category defines the topic of Automation scenario. Question expects an answer in the form of choice selection or input

  • Once customer submits the assessment, administrator receives all the information

  • In the background, IDG Service recommendations (Explore, Discovery, POC, Platform Foundation, Baseline services, etc.) are automatically mapped according to the customer inputs and analysis

If you want to onboard with Intelligent Technology Assessment for IRPA or Digital Process Automation opportunity, please contact IDG members: Rohit Dwivedi or Kiran Kola

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