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With SAP S/4HANA 2021 MDG got some interesting new features. Please read through markus.ganser’s Blog:. Benefit from SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA 2021

In the past years many end users at customers side asked me if its possible in MDG to “recall” a task which “I” have submitted. Such a feature would speed up a correction process and increases the user acceptance a lot. In addition this is a feature which is only possible in a digital workflow. Until Oct 2021 my answer was always “no, sorry its not in standard” but now this feature has been delivered. See SAP Note 3018966.

Because I believe that this feature is very interesting and beneficial for many MDG customers I have tested it on 3 major domains (Customer, Supplier and Material) and I would like to share some details on the configuration part:

  1. After you activated the business functions (or applied the SAP Note) you will not see the button on the existing processes or User Interfaces. You need to configure the new workflow path.

  2. Most likely you want to have the feature/ button available on your “approval” task: Because of that you need to assign the step type B to that step. If you use a custom step type you can also assign the action 12 “Recall by Requestor” to your step type.New step type B with action 12

  1. In addition, you need to model your workflow accordingly: If you use the RBW workflow you need to enhance your single processing table and the “user agent DT”. In this table you need to assign the user Agent Type SU and the User Agent Value INIT to the “Condition Alias” which refers to the “rework” step.

  2. You need to make sure that your requestor users (users who want to recall) need a authorization object S_WF_WI

  3. You can also add the feature to any other workflow step. Its not limited to the “Approval” step. For sure you need to always configure your workflow accordingly.

Hopefully you will try the new feature and this blogs helps you with configuration challenges.

Best Regards