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In September, we completed the first series ( 2 parts ) of the Lumira Virtual Class Webinars.  The purpose of these webinars is to help attendees get started with SAP Lumira and understand some of the features available.

The webinars were not recorded as this series will run again in October so if you are interested in attending, please register at the following link: Lumira Events Calendar

As a follow-up, I would like to share some great links to help you get started with SAP Lumira to tell your stories.

Install the Latest Software

Go to and click on the Free Desktop Software for the SAP Lumira Personal Edition.  Install the software on your desktop.  The Personal Edition does have some features disabled ( compare features ).

Register for Standard Edition 30 Days trial or Enter License Key

Once you have installed, open SAP Lumira.  A Register your SAP Lumira Page will be displayed.  You can enter the keycode if you already have a license or you can register for a 30 day license for the Standard Edition to get the additional features. Once you have registered, on the Home page of SAP Lumira Desktop, click on the bottom button for the 30 Days Trail.

Register for the SAP Lumira Cloud

If you would like to share your visualizations through the SAP Lumira Cloud, register for free at .

Learning Links

The Home page inside SAP Lumira Desktop has multiple links for tutorials, community, webinars and live chat.  You can also select Try with Samples to experiment with data and visualizations already available.

Our team will continue consolidating great enablement content here on SCN, including the hugely popular product tutorials.

For the official SAP Lumira guides, go to .

For the SAP Lumira SCN Page: .

Create Your Story

The best way to get started is to create a story with information that interests you.  This could be information from your organization or just on topics that are relevant to you.  You can find a vast amount of information on the internet.

See the following link to a list of data samples created with SAP Lumira that you can experiment with or build on.  Links to additional public sets are available at the bottom the link.

Join the SAP Lumira DataGeek III: Thrones of Data Challenge to share your insights, win prizes and see what other people have posted.

Additional Topics

In the webinars, we briefly touched on some other topics.

SAP Lumira SDK

For those of you with programming skills that want to create your own custom D3 extensions and import to SAP Lumira to create visualizations, there are guides available to get you started.  Go to and under the Development information section, you can find the SAP Lumira SDK Getting Started Guide.  In depth webinars are also available from the SAP Lumira Desktop webinars link .

ESRI Map Integration

For a demonstration on integrating ESRI maps with SAP Lumira, check out the following Demo: Visualizations with SAP Lumira - Geomaps with ESRI.

Hope this information helps you get started.