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We have some ambitious plans for SAP Lumira that we are excited to share with you.

Our team spends a lot of time meeting with customers and simply listening. What is clear from these conversations is that expectations for usability, simplicity, and flexibility are high.

To meet and exceed these expectations, both the SAP Lumira and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio teams are collaborating on the following major themes:

1. Usability: From listening to customers, we know there are opportunities to improve the workflow and make the tool more productive

In Lumira 1.30, we have started to address this by removing the Share room. In the future, we plan to continue that theme by consolidating the Visualize and Compose room into a single experience.

2. Simplicity: We have heard that customers want the choice of either online access to BW/HANA data with full support for the rich metadata supported by those data sources, or access to flattened BW/HANA data for mashing up with other data in spreadsheets or relational sources.

In a future release of Lumira and Design Studio, we plan to converge these tools to enable both styles of data access – online (with full support of metadata) or offline (with access to flattened BW/HANA data to enable mashups).

3. Flexibility: Customers want to be able to start in either Lumira or Design Studio and switch to the other tool as needed.

We plan to enable the creation of prototypes in Lumira and allow for these simple dashboards to be promoted to a comprehensive enterprise dashboard that requires a high degree of polish to align with corporate standards.

Another example of flexibility: Customers want to use Lumira on the Mac, and IT wants to avoid having to deploy desktop software.

In the future, we plan to add data preparation capabilities to the server to enable Mac use cases as well as simplify deployment.

These are the three major themes we are focusing our development teams on for SAP Lumira. We know that there’s huge demand for improvements on Lumira – we love all the ideas that are listed on Idea Place and review these regularly, so please keep these coming – they are a key part of influencing our ongoing investments.

Unfortunately, we cannot set detailed timing expectations for delivery of these themes due to internal rules governing forward looking statements. Delivery times will vary among these themes, but the first items we are working on are converging the Visualize and Compose room, and the convergence with Design Studio.

Our roadmaps will be updated prior to Sapphire 2016 to reflect these major themes, and to begin to give you an better idea of the timelines for some of these major items.

I expect you will have some questions regarding this blog and will likely want more details. Unfortunately I’m unable to go into more detail on this public forum. If you would like more details, please contact your account executive or partner and we can arrange a 1:1 discussion.

Blair Wheadon

GM of Data Discovery