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March 2014


Monthly SAP Lumira

Community Newsletter


Within the last few months, a couple of new updates (SP14 and SP15) with great new features and functionality have been released for the desktop version of SAP Lumira software. Here's a taste of what's new:

  • Access to the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.1 SP02
  • Usability improvements
  • Story creation using the slide show option
  • Template options to create story boards
  • Improved filtering option to filter datasets
  • Chart gallery improvements
  • Ability to share datasets and stories with SAP Lumira Cloud

Learn more about the latest features and functions of SAP Lumira here for SP14 or here for SP15.


  • Watch this video to learn more about using SAP Lumira with OData, or open data protocol, a Web protocol for querying and updating data. OData makes it simple to update data from a variety of application and programming languages. For more information, visit the OData Web site or watch this video on how to unlock your data with OData.
  • Let's Make Movies see an example of a custom visual extension with SAP Lumira.
  • In this video, Tahir Hussain Babar examines using SAP Lumira and SAP Lumira Cloud and discusses connecting to MySQL as the data source for SAP Lumira.
  • Learn how you can analyze Big Data with Hortonworks Hadoop and SAP Lumira in this blog post. Read more about what Hadoop is, how it works, and what it can do here.


How to Tell a Story with Data:
Visualization in its educational or confirmational role is really a dynamic form of persuasion – an effective way to tell a story to an audience. In a Harvard Business Review blog, Jim Stikeleather makes a few key points on how to tell a compelling story through visualization.

Using SAP Lumira to Gain Insights into Solar Panel Performance:
Merlijn Ekkel, BI solution manager at SAP, uses SAP Lumira to analyze data extracted from the solar panels installed at his home. With visualizations from SAP Lumira, he can find out if he made the right investment and if additional solar panels will benefit him.

Visualizing Olympic Men's Hockey with SAP Lumira:
The data viz team at SAP thought it would be fun to do a few visualizations of the top teams from the Olympic men's hockey competition and see what insights could be brought to light.

Analyzing Crime Rates in India Using SAP Lumira:
Increased crime rates play a decisive role in hindering the growth of a nation as a unit, especially in the case of developing countries like India. There is a strong need to monitor and analyze the crimes occurring across the country in addition to regulating them. Nikhil Jannu used SAP Lumira to carry out this data analysis and produce easily understandable results.


March 24: BI 2014 – Orlando, FL

  • Track 4: Self-Service Data Discovery for Business Users and Analysts Using SAP Lumira


    • Recording of the Analytics Innovation community call on self-service BI and SAP Lumira. Listen now
    • SAP Lumira Webinar Series: This series lets SAP customers, partners, and evangelists know what's available now, what's coming up, and how SAP Lumira has been used to gain insights and drive decisions with large and complex datasets. Register here
    • May 15: SAP Lumira Webinar – SAP Lumira Self-Service for Business User. Register here
    • May 21: SAP Lumira Webinar – Question and Answer. Register here

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