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Generation of Discover artifacts for a dataset (especially big datasets) is an expensive operation and takes time; this was casing a bad user experience as user has to wait for large amount(depending on the size and complexity of the Dataset) of time to see visual recommendations and data insights. The rationale behind introducing job scheduler is to enhance the user experience in this prospect with the fact that most of time datasets will be already provisioned using jobs that are running in XSEngine as background tasks. This guide is valid for Lumira server 1.16 release.

  1. Add a section “scheduler” to xsengine.ini with property enabled = true. To do this we need to connect to the HANA server instance using HANA Studio and navigate to the configuration tab of HANA server administration. Scheduler section settings as below:

2. Create a new user (i.e.) and assign role. This user is purely for running the background tasks.

3. To SYSTEM user assign sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::JobAdministrator and sap.hana.xs.admin.roles::JobViewer Roles. These roles are required to view and configure the background jobs.

4. Launch the Hana Instance admin console UI using URL http://<instance_name>:80<Instance number>/sap/hana/xs/admin and login through SYSTEM user credentials.

5. In Application Objects navigate to sap/bi/discover/logic/vizd/backgroundjobs node, for each of the jobs named as VDSchedulerJob_1, VDSchedulerJob_2 and VDSchedulerJob_3

    1. Enter the user name as what you have created in step #2
    2. Make “Active” checkbox on.
    3. Click on “Save”

Once above steps are done, all three jobs will start picking datasets one by one and provision them to generate discover artifacts.

  • Job schedulers and log status can be viewed using below to tables.

select * from "_SYS_XS"."JOB_SCHEDULES"

select * from "_SYS_XS"."JOB_LOG"

  • Provision status of datasets can be viewed using the table below. For running this sql user should have “SELECT” rights on “SAP_BI_DISCOVER” schema.

select * from "SAP_BI_DISCOVER".""