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This is a short blog post to give you a clear picture of the two versions of the Data Access Extension(DAE) SDKs we currently support in SAP Lumira. If you are starting to develop a new data access extension, we recommend you to use the Version 2 SDK. The following table will give you a better idea of the new features that we support with the V2 SDK,

FeatureVersion 1 DAE SDKVersion 2 DAE SDK
Lumira releases supportedv 1.17 and abovev 1.25 and above
Selecting an extensionExtension present inside the External Data Source optionExtension is listed along with the native connectors seamlessly
Activation in SAPLumira.ini fileRequiredNot Required
Extension Manager Installation supportNoYes
Server installation supportNoYes
Extension UIWindows Native(doesn't blend with Lumira!!)SAP UI5/other JS libraries(blends well with Lumira!!)
DeploymentExecutable, Manually copied to a specific local folderZip file, Installed with the Extension Manager
Programming language (backend)Any language, compiled to an executableJava
Programming language (UI)Has to be handled by the executableSAP UI5/ any JS library
Data Preview screenOne default screen with a table, Handled by LumiraCan develop custom Preview UI screens, ex: tree view for JSON, etc.
Prepare room column import defaultsNo control. Lumira tries to set some defaultsComplete control over importing columns specifically into Dimensions, Measures, set Aggregation types for measures, group columns into custom hierarchies
Runtime debugging supportNoYes. Chrome dev console for UI, Remote Java VM debugging inside Eclipse

Hope this helps you better understand the differences between these two versions. Please leverage the new features we offer with the Version 2 SDK and develop new data access extensions with it. We have a sample extension for you to get started,