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Check out previous seasons of the SAP Let’s Talk Data podcast series in our previous blogs on Season 6, Season 5, and Season 3 - 1.

Digital transformation has changed the conversation about data; it is a shift from “data is not my problem” to “data is everyone’s opportunity.” Organizations are looking for ways to embrace the opportunity — specifically, by exploiting their data as a strategic enterprise asset. By building a solid data foundation, organizations can create the data excellence and discipline needed to drive better business outcomes, going beyond just integrating and fixing data to leveraging data as an innovation catalyst.

So, we’ve brought together experts and practitioners in data management, analytics, and strategy to discuss key topics, trends, use cases and solution that are reshaping the way companies leverage data to unlock the full potential of this valuable enterprise asset - to optimize operations and analytics, achieve new insights, and improve business outcomes.

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Season 7:  Podcasts on data management, data & analytics and data strategy with use cases, trends and related SAP solutions

Also check out the subseries, Let’s Talk Cloud ERP, sharing stories about successful digital journeys.


Ep. 100!!! 2023 Trends in Master Data Management

Hear from Andy Hayler, Practice Lead – Data as an Asset at Bloor Research, and Markus Kuppe, VP & Chief Product Owner for SAP Master Data Governance, and Corrie Birkeness, Senior Director Master Data Product & Solution Marketing at SAP, as they discuss various master data management (MDM) market trends. They will discuss what is happening relative to automation, AI as well as approaches to more flexible, modular MDM deployments and a business data fabric. They will discuss what the trends are and why they are important in upping your game in MDM to drive increased business value.

Ep. 99: Bridging the Gap: Connecting Modern Integration to Business Value

Organizations are on a quest to a modern technology stack. This includes integration, which is the glue that brings it all together. Yet, selling the value of integration can get technical too quickly and hard to articulate. Understanding the business and technical benefits of integration and how they translate into business value is key to building the case for investment in this technology and in a broader digital platform. In this episode, Shari Lava, Research Director at IDC, discusses with Emily Mui, Sr. Director, Solution Marketing at SAP, the IT and business value of integration, and how you can tie it to business objectives and measure the business impact of integration. Speakers: Shari Lava - Research Director, IDC and Emily Mui - Sr. Director, Product Marketing Lead For SAP Integration Suite.

Ep. 98: Accelerate Your Move to SAP Integration Suite with SAP & Carhartt

Learn about Carhartt and their journey to modernize their integration solutions. Hear how they leveraged the SAP Migration Factory program to assess their migration from SAP Process Orchestration/Integration to SAP Integration Suite, their migration off the SAP Business Technology Platform, Neo environment and plans for the future.  Speakers:  Saravanan Subramanian – EAI Architect, Carhartt, Sri Pedamallu – SAP Global Center of Excellence Executive, Carhartt, Arti Gopalan – Director of Product Management, SAP Integration Suite, and Ryan Champlin – Sr. Director Solution Management, SAP Integration Suite.

Ep. 95:  Bad Data Cost the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year

Join Dr. Thomas C. Redman, aka “the Data Doc,” President of Data Quality Solutions, and Kim  Huth-Ziegler and Autumn Moss from the Global Product and Solution marketing team as they discuss an article written by Tom Redman titled “Bad Data Costs the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year.”

In the original article, published in September of 2016, consideration is given to the astronomical cost of bad data in the U.S. Companies are spending more than ever to correct mistakes in data, but have also absorbed the cost of “checking the data and correcting the data” as just another work task in daily work activities. Reducing the costs of bad data is no secret: you have to shine a light on it and reduce it as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

Ep. 94:  Modernize Your Integration Landscape

Learn how SAP Integration Suite enables more efficient & scalable business processes while safeguarding your existing skills and investments. Yesterday's integration solutions aren't built for today's challenges. In this episode, we'll explore:How modern integration technologies like SAP Integration Suite can help you deliver innovative business solutions more efficiently. What migration best practices & assessment, migration, & test tools are available to accelerate migration to SAP Integration Suite. Which services are available from SAP to help you asset a migration, setup Integration Suite, and migrate your workloads to SAP Integration Suite. Speakers: Ryan Champlin – Sr. Director Solution Management, SAP Integration Suite - and Arti Gopalan – Director of Product Management, SAP Integration Suite.

Ep. 93:  Data Governance with Master Data Management and a Business Data Fabric

Hear how SAP data and analytics solutions help you on your journey to achieving intelligent, integrated, end-to-to end business processes and delivering meaningful data to every data consumer in your organization. During this session, we'll discuss SAP’s strategy and data management portfolio in support of master data management and the creation of a business data fabric to broaden data access and trust across enterprises, without compromising data integrity and compliance. Join a discussion with Markus Kuppe, VP & Chief Product Owner for SAP Master Data Governance and Kevin Poskitt, Senior Director of Cross Product Management for SAP HANA Database and Analytics.

Ep. 92:  Creating a Unified Data Experience with Prebuilt Business Content

Prebuilt content is the perfect jumpstart for helping customers; it’s a proven solution that have already helped many businesses. Outstanding projects can often last a couple of years, creating an unnecessary gap between idea and execution. With Delaware Consulting, they created business content for SAP Datasphere that provides users with more control of their data and brings business and IT together in a platform to address today’s ever changing business needs.

Ep. 91:  From Data to Insights to Results with Prebuilt Content from Aumento Technologies

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in managing their finances effectively. Whether it's optimizing budgets, forecasting cash flows, or analyzing complex financial data, change in working capital requirement the demand for accurate and timely insights has never been greater. To address these challenges, learn how Aumento Technologies has leveraged SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere in ‘FINVERSE’, a pre-built solution that businesses can implement to reduce development time, data logic errors, and saves valuable time, allowing finance teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Ep. 89:  How Data Can Move the Needle on Sustainability 

Increasingly, sustainability is a top priority for companies worldwide. But many organizations struggle with how to enact their vision and achieve meaningful impact. In this podcast, experts will discuss the importance of data and analytics solutions to sustainability success. You’ll hear from Emily Penn, a sustainability activist, about her journey and how gathering the right data can make a big difference in her efforts to reduce plastic waste. She’ll be joined by Ragunath Ramanathan, Chief Revenue Officer for SAP Business Technology Platform, who explains how technology can help companies harness data across their supply chain to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability ambitions.

Ep. 88: Invoice Management with OpenText

Independent of where you are, you most probably heard the term e-invoicing or electronic invoice. In some regions it’s almost ubiquitous and we thought it’s a good opportunity to spend a short call with our experts and friends from OpenText to talk about some myths and recommendations.  Speakers:

  • Sheila McCarthy, Senior Global Director, Marketing & Solutions, Data Management

  • Matthias Niessen, Senior Alliances Marketing Manager, OpenText

  • Cacio V Neto, Product Manager for SAP Invoice Management, OpenText

Ep. 87: Data's Credibility Problem

Join Dr. Thomas C. Redman, aka “the Data Doc,” President of Data Quality Solutions, and Kim  Huth-Ziegler and Autumn Moss from the Global Product and Solution marketing team as they discuss an article written by Tom Redman titled: “Data’s Credibility Problem”

The original article, published in December 2023, discusses how data is no longer reliable and has caused managers to lose faith in what data they can use. Business strategies are suffering because of it, and at a minimum, new strategies are being put in place to assess usable data. This takes time and money. However, the article investigates one business's dedication to finding, scrubbing, repairing, and then using the correct data to make better business decisions, and quite frankly, it does not take as long as one would think. In this podcast, we will explore the root of the problem and the one simple thing that we could be doing to make a massive impact without investing ample time or resources.

Ep. 86: Bad Data is Sapping Your Teams Productivity

Join Dr. Thomas C. Redman, aka “the Data Doc” President of Data Quality Solutions, and Kim Huth-Ziegler and Autumn Moss from the Global Product and Solution
marketing team as they discuss an article written by Tom Redman titled “Bad Data is Sapping Your Teams Productivity”

The original article, published in Nov 2022 , explores how data quality hasn’t kept up with the current pace of business. Data quality is costing businesses not only time and money but is also contributing to the growing problem of distrust in business operations leading to increased customer frustration. Many managers in today’s business are seeking to obtain all of the data, when in reality they are given a set of incomplete or bad data leaving them to manage “by the seat of their pants.” In this podcast, we will explore the root of the problem and ways to overcome it, which may not be as hard as it seems.

Ep. 84: SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility made Simple with SAP BTP

Join SAP experts in an easy to understand conversation about extensibility options with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP BTP.   Topics covered include SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP BTP, SAP Datasphere, SAP Business Application Studio, ABAP, SAP Process Automation. Join:

  • Terry Penner, Marketing and Solutions, SAP Business Technology Platform

  • Ruben Mellema, Solution Management, SAP S/4HANA Cloud

  • Mat Beerkens, Technical Architect, SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Ep. 83: Real Deployments, Real Customers, and Real Benefits

In just under 8 minutes, Rachel Ballard, Forrester TEI Consultant, shares why 16,000+ customers saw a 278% return on investment over three years from connecting their applications with SAP’s Integration Platform as-a Service (iPaas) solution to automate their business processes. Hear about the business impact of cloud-based integration and the latest market trends.  Speakers: Rachel Ballard, Forrester Total Economic (TEI) Consultant 

Ep. 82:  Integrate Everything to Innovate, Automate, and Transform

Now more than ever, integration is the key to solving fundamental business challenges and being able to innovate to stay ahead. What solution you adopt and the integration strategies you put to work are keys to a future-proof and connected business.

Listen in as Emily Mui, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at SAP, and Raghu Ramanathan, Chief Revenue Office at SAP, talk about the necessity for a comprehensive integration solution, real world customer success stories, and the business and technological value that SAP Integration Suite brings to our customers.

Ep. 81:  Saving Time on Business Processes from 5 days to 10 minutes

Every organization has their specific needs and requirements to become as successful and competitive as possible. From digital transformation to ERP and innovative recommendations, SAP long-time partner, Crave InfoTech provides industry-primed solutions to help organizations achieve their digitalization goals. Listen to Crave InfoTech and SAP BTP to discover and celebrate time-to-value success stories and more. Speakers:

  • Shrikant Nistane - Digital Transformation Architect, Crave InfoTech

  • Thorsten Leiduck - SVP and Global Head BTP Partner Ecosystem Success, SAP

  • John Luu (Host) - Product Marketing Manager, SAP Build Process Automation

Ep 80: [It's the first of a series on data quality!] Can Your Data Be Trusted?

The original article,Can Your Data Be Trusted, published in 2015 at Harvard Business Review and now re-posted on the SAP Community blogs, explores the idea of the amount of data that exists for a number of purposes and how the data may not be as it appears. Now, in 2023, Tom has revisited the idea and believes that data is still not all that it's cracked up to be and most likely hasn’t improved. The podcast discussion will offer a deep dive into the problem, and what has been learned in the last 8 years, if anything.  The podcast features Dr. Thomas C. Redman, aka “the Data Doc,” President of Data Quality Solutions.

Ep. 79: SAP Build Process Automation's SAP S/4HANA Cloud Starter Pack

As customer demands and operational needs increase while talent resources continue to fall short, businesses need a way to innovate faster with less. Take charge and jumpstart your automation projects with a new starter pack of SAP Build Process Automation in the public edition of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Join Angela Harvey, Vivan Wang, and John Luu in this episode to learn about the product features and content.

Ep 76: Uncovering Wipro’s Automation Bots Built on SAP BTP

In this episode, Prasanna Mahalingam shares some insights on Wipro’s pre-built content for SAP Build Process Automation and how it helps customers with hundreds of day-to-day business operations. Hear how these “pre-built automation bots” are conceived, what process automation means for our SAP partner, and how Wipro is building BTP extensions for customers across industries.

Ep. 74: Managing and Maximizing Data in Human Capital Management

In this podcast episode, Ari Levin from Accenture joins Camilla Dahlen from SAP to discuss the a multi-system landscape HR professionals typically manage nowadays.
They talk over the need to be more efficient and effective in when running run their SAP ERP HCM systems, minimizing risk, whilst allowing to adopt next-generation software solutions in the cloud. Listen to this Podcast to see ways and options to manage and maximize your data.  Speakers:  Ari R. Levin, Global Professional Services Lead at Accenture and Camilla Dahlen, GVP BTP Ecosystem Monetization, Partner Ecosystem Success, at SAP.

Ep. 72: Data, Management, and Trust Issues Slowing Digital Transformation

Join Dr. Thomas C. Redman, “the Data Doc,” President of Data Quality Solutions, and Maria Villar, Enterprise Data Management & Data Strategy Innovator at SAP as they share their insights around Digital Transformation and their diagnosis to why, even through all the hype, digital transformation has failed to deliver.

Ep. 70:  Modernizing Analytics with Next Generation Data Governance

As work models transform and businesses strive to be successful and competitive, the need to modernize core data infrastructures is top of mind for data leaders across the globe. During the podcast, we will discuss how effective data management, rooted in governance, can result in significant impact to a company's modern analytics environment.  Speakers: Mike Lock, Managing Director & Principal at Aberdeen Strategy & Research, Niels Weigel, Solution Advisor Expert at SAP, and Wolfgang Epting, Solution Advisor Expert at SAP.

Ep. 69:  Automate and streamline SAP Procure to Pay and Order to Cash processes with SAP RISE

In this podcast, we will discuss the business value derived from automating business processes such as procure to pay and order to cash with an invoice and sales order management solutions from SAP’s premier partner, OpenText. Customers have found that these automated processes create efficiencies, improve cash flow and reduce late payments while digitizing their business processes. Join this session to hear from Thomas Heepe, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Cacio Vieira Neto, Program Manager for Invoice Management from OpenText on the value of automating these business processes, particularly when implementing the SAP RISE program.

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