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Post Copy Automation (PCA) has been part of SAP Landscape Enterprise Edition (LaMa) for many years. SAP Landscape Management Cloud (LaMa Cloud) was launched in 2021 as another product in the family. The two products compliment each other and can be deployed alone or simultaneously to manage the same environment.

As in the case of LaMa Enterprise Edition (perpetual license), PCA is also available with LaMa Cloud (subscription based). PCA entitlement for LaMa Cloud is only for systems residing in a public cloud whereas PCA with LaMa Enterprise allows deployment in on-premise datacenters, public cloud or in an hybrid model.

SAP Landscape Management Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to manage SAP
systems in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments to take full advantage of
on-demand infrastructure in the cloud, enabling you to manage your cloud system to meet the
ever increasing demands on your business and optimize your resources.

ABAP PCA operates identically whether entitlement is via LaMa Enterprise Edition or LaMa Cloud. It automates activities that have to be performed after the copy or refresh of an ABAP based system such as S4/HANA, ECC, and BW.

For more information about PCA please refer to the following links:

I've been asked by customers about the difference between the two LaMa products. Below is a table highlighting the key points to be aware of.

Category SAP Landscape Management Enterprise Edition SAP Landscape Management Cloud
Delivery Model On-premise software with perpetual licenses Software as a Service via the SAP Business Technology Platform
SAP Landscape Type On-premise, Hybrid and IaaS Clouds IaaS Clouds Only
PCA On-premise, IaaS Clouds and Hybrid IaaS Clouds Only
Key Features

  • Centralized hybrid landscape dashboard, visualization, and operations

  • Automation of system clone, copy and refresh (AnyDB) with post copy/refresh automation (PCA)

  • Manage SAP HANA system replication, takeover/failback, and near-zero downtime maintenance (nZDM) for SAP HANA

  • Automation studio for custom operations, process and hooks for customization and integration


  • HA cluster support

  • SAP system centric IaaS cost dashboard and analytics

  • Define system availability patterns to manage system uptime for predictable budget planning

  • Automatically scale systems, deactivate unused systems and activate systems through applying pre-defined patterns

  • Sustainability view of SAP systems

  • Optimal consumption of IaaS

  • Standalone Post Copy Automation

  • Refresh of SAP systems with file-based backup in SAP HANA


  • Event Generation/Routing

  • Coming soon

    • Recommendations for cost and performance optimization

When to Use On-Prem or hybrid SAP landscapes and the need for SAP basis operations automation (including infrastructure access) IaaS based SAP landscape and the need to reduce the TCO as well as getting an SAP system centric view on the IaaS costs/sustainability of the SAP systems


For more information on LaMa Cloud please refer to these links: