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Two years after the launch of SAP Jam, its customers are showing up all over the news. With more than 15 million subscribers, it’s now being used across a wide variety of business and industries. Here’s a cross-section of recent stories about how organizations are using SAP Jam to improve collaboration within business processes like sales, service, marketing, and human resources.

TELUS Uses SAP Jam as "Glue" in Corporate Culture Transformation

In IT Business, Brian Jackson writes that TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications firm, rolled out SAP Jam to 22,000 employees. Dan Pontefract, the chief envisioner of the TELUS transformation office, says SAP Jam has become “the systemic social glue that ties the organization together.”

Is SAP Jam Where Enterprise Social is Headed?

The director of human resources at the Village of Schaumburg, Illinois, says that SAP Jam has virtually replaced email for their 650 employees – in part, because it’s easier to request feedback in SAP Jam than by email. “We wanted it to be the one place that people knew where to go for all the information they needed through their work days to be efficient.”

Incorporating Social

Texas-based Brookshire Grocery Company chose SAP Jam to complement its social learning activities. Brookshire’s VP of training and change management says the company plans to rebrand it as BGC Connect and use it for initiatives like its female manager networking forum, as well as for project teams, where it will make it easier to solicit feedback from store managers.

Making Social Media Work - At Work

The CEO of Synergium, a translation company based in Lithuania, says SAP Jam has become a tool for communication about complex projects.

SAP Jam: Ready for Enterprise Collaboration

Itaricon, a consulting company based in Germany, uses SAP Jam to facilitate collaboration around data stored in their CRM system – to make it more efficient to sell and create proposals.

Failure Must Be an Option

In a personal blog, an employee of TELUS writes that a year after consolidating their social tools into SAP Jam as the company’s single collaborative platform, 75% of the organization has accessed it, and they’ve reduced total cost of ownership and support resources needed.

How the San Jose Sharks Organization is Using SAP Jam to Improve Collaboration

In this video recorded at SAPPHIRE NOW, San Jose Sharks COO John Tortora talks about how SAP Jam has helped his organization tackle the challenge of cross-departmental communication and how it allows them to share key information and make better connections.

San Jose Sharks Win Over Employees with Social Software

Sharks Sports & Entertainment wanted a social platform that would help keep its employees updated and foster a sense of community – and that would make it easier for its marketing team to collaborate with business partners and associates.

Video: The New SAP Jam Developer Program

Martin Wanitschke from Itaricon Management Consulting explains how a social collaboration solution like SAP Jam – with work patterns that pull in opportunity details directly from their CRM – can help speed up processes in Itaricon’s sales organization.

Telecommunications Company Unites Global Workforce with SAP Jam

In this video, Darrin Whitney, CIO of GENBAND, says the company’s management team immediately saw the value of SAP Jam. “It’s a strategic enabler for us – from a business standpoint internally, and externally to our customers.”

Genband Brings in SAP Jam, Keeps Workers Connected

GENBAND, a Texas-based telecommunications company, turned to SAP Jam to help its globally distributed workforce come together and collaborate, to help experienced employees share their knowledge with newcomers, and to help it connect with channel partners and outside contractors.

Reshape Processes Today to Design for Tomorrow

Three SAP Jam partners – World Sales Solutions, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, and EnterpriseJungle – are using the SAP Jam developer program to extend SAP Jam to support departmental and industry-specific needs.

The Born Again CIO

The CIO of Kaeser Kompressoren says that SAP’s cloud solutions help his organization integrate its partners and SAP processes, allowing them to share information and gather insight from across the business. Kaeser uses SAP Jam to improve collaboration and capture innovation inside and outside the company.

What do Treatment Plants, Leather Furniture, and Luxury Cars Have in Common?

Kaeser Compressors, a compressed air systems and services company in Germany, uses SAP Jam with SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA to scrutinize sales process lifecycles, including lead management, requirements analysis, solution planning, and solution implementation.